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Get Involved

Are you a Seattle/King County area resident and want to get involved? You may have a hobby you want to share, an expertise you can teach or an important message that needs to be heard. Become a member and share your message! Membership is FREE! SCM services are available only to citizens of Seattle and surrounding King County. With minor exception, all content on SCM is created by, or sponsored by, independent producer-members who live in Seattle/King County.

Classes and Education

Classes are the building blocks to your membership at Seattle Community Media. SCM offers an Orientation class, a Basic Camera class and a Basic Studio class.

To sign up for all classes, please visit our producer site:

Class Registration

Seattle Community Media, SCM broadcasts in the Seattle area on Comcast Ch 77, CenturyLink Ch 8006 and Wave Ch 23

Seattle Community Media is the operator of public access for the City of Seattle, providing access to communication resources in order to build a stronger community.
Services provided by SCM are paid for by self-funded Seattle Colleges Cable Television (SCCtv) and the City of Seattle.

Registering vs. Becoming a Member

Membership with SCM is FREE! To register to become a member you must first go through on-line Orientation. If you are not able to participate in online Orientation, an in-person Orientation class is offered each month. Be sure to check the Classes schedule for dates available if in-person registration is preferred. In-person Orientation is not available while the COVID-19 Stay-At-Home order is in effect. To participate in on-line Orientation, just click Become a member.

Producers - Travelling outside of the US?

If you plan to produce programs while traveling outside of the US, let us know. We can make changes to our web security to allow you to access your account while outside the country. You'll be able to upload and schedule for broadcast programs you create abroad.

News from the Station

New Interactive Broadcast CalendarMarch 4th, 2019

As the new website unfolds, many new features will be forthcoming.  As of today, you can see the weeks broadcast schedule that is accurate up to the...

Watch Episodes OnlineNovember 27th, 2018

Watch Online! While the transition is underway, you can still watch the recent and past episodes on archive.org

New Website Early LaunchNovember 25th, 2018

At long last, after a very long year or two of fire-fighting and fixing, we are finally nearing the point of retiring the old SCM website.  It has...

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