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Classes are the building blocks to your membership at Seattle Community Media.  SCM offers an Orientation class, a Basic Camera class and a Basic Studio class.  

Orientation Class

This is an overview of how Seattle Community Media works, how to become a member and offers potential members a chance to see the facilities and production gear available to members.  Orientation is not required to become a member, but we suggest you attend an orientation if you are contemplating becoming a member.  You do not have to register for Orientation class, it is free and walk-ins are welcome.

Basic Camera and Basic Studio Classes

You are required to take classes to become certified to reserve the studio and/or reserve and check out production equipment.  Basic Camera and Basic Studio classes cost $50 each to attend and are open to members only.  You are only required to take a class if you want to use the particular resource.  For instance, if you are not going to use the studio, you do not have to take that class.

Space in classes is limited.  

You must make your class reservation prior to 9AM on class day.    If no one has signed up to take a particular class by 9AM the class will be canceled.  We do not allow walk-ins to take the class.

You must pay for the class via the website.  We do not accept checks and do not have a cash box at our facility to accept cash.  If you must pay with cash, you must contact us in advance, prior to class time, to make arrangements.  

Editing Training

Seattle Community Media's Community Room is outfitted with over a dozen computers.  Most of these computers have editing software to help member producers create their programs.  You do not have to use this equipment, but it is available to members if they don't have their own computer or editing software available to them.  If a member producer needs to learn how to use this editing software, member producers are welcome to arrange personal one-on-one edit training in advance.  This is only available to member producers.   

View information about each class type offered at Seattle Community Media.

Basic Studio
Basic Camera

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