Basic Edit Training

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Learn how to use the editing software available at Seattle Community Media

Basic Editing Training

Seattle Community Media's Community Room is outfitted with over a dozen computers.  Most of these computers have editing software to help member producers create their programs. 

You do not have to use this equipment, but it is available to members if they don't have their own computer or editing software available to them.  If a member producer needs to learn how to use this editing software, member producers are welcome to arrange personal one-on-one edit training in advance. 

This is only available to member producers.  

SCM computers have three different editing software programs available to you.  The primary software is Adobe Premiere (Elements version).  This is software that works on both Mac and PC.  

We also have Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD (Elements version) available on limited computers.  This is a PC only based software.  

We also have a one desk top and several laptops with Final Cut Pro 7 editing software.  Apple moved away from a pro edit software several years ago, stopping at FCP 7.  We do not train using this software, as it is outdated at this point.  But it is here if the software is something you are familiar with using.