Become a New Producer

All Members are already considered Producers at Seattle Community Media.  You do not have to volunteer on other people's shows first, or meet any other requirements.  
  • Sign up and pay to become a member of Seattle Community Media.
  • Bring in to SCM proof of your residency in Seattle/King County. 
  • After you receive your account information, you can upload and schedule your shows.
  • After you have shown that you are going to be a consistent producer, you can have a "guaranteed" time slot so that your show appears at the same time each week.  To qualify, all you have to do is successfully schedule two programs each month for three months in a row. 

SCM has roughly 90 current member producers.  

All producer make their own choices about the programs they are producing.  What your show is about is completely up to you.      

As a producer, you are responsible for creating your program.  If you need help, SCM staff can help you find the answer, help train you, offer suggestions, but we will not get involved in the actual production of your program.  

As a producer, you are fully responsible for the content of your program.    

SCM retains the right to air what you create using public access equipment or which broadcasts on SCM, but you retain the rights to the program. 

Seattle is a city with significant traffic issues, which is one of the main reasons we offer this online platform.  It is difficult for many producers to get to SCM's facilities in North Seattle.  In fact, we rarely see most of SCM's member producers.    

SCM staff can offer help if you need it, but we will only offer help if you ask.   

We look forward to serving you as a member producer.