User Name Change FTP Changes

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This is a quick overview of what happens when you become a User or Member at Seattle Community Media (SCM).

Becoming a User of SCM

Everyone interested in becoming a "User" of this website may register on the Seattle Community Media website.  This is free and it doesn't matter where you live.  This gives you access to comment on or flag a video on the site.  Click here if you'd like to know more about becoming a "User" of Seattle Community Media.

Becoming a Member

If you are interested in creating programs for broadcast on the SCM channel, Membership to Seattle Community Media is required. With a Membership will gain access to all online resources offered by SCM, access to upload and schedule programs, and access to use the SCM studios, camera and other equipment available for check-out at SCM.

When you pay to become a member, you will receive a confirmation email.  In this email, you will be prompted to visit SCM facilities with proof of residency in Seattle/King County in the form of a government issued ID with address (a drivers license works well) and a bill that has been mailed to you at the same address.  It is at this point that your membership is activated.

Click here for more information about becoming a Member of Seattle Community Media.

FTP Account

After providing proof of residency documents you will receive another confirmation email from SCM.  In this email you will receive sign-in credentials to access to the SCM server and all computers located at SCM.   Please keep the email.  Please note that you may discover your User name for these accounts, including the website has changed and is now your first initial and last name.  This change allows your accounts to communicate with each other.  

Once you receive this information, you are able to upload programs to our server and are then able to create Episodes for submission and broadcast.