What about the audio missing from shows?

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We still get reports of no audio on some programs.  Please let us know if you see a program with no audio and let us know what part of town you are in.  Generally, if the video file is playing and you see video, the audio available on the file must be playing too. 

As you may be aware, the former operators historically had an issue of broadcasting only one channel of audio.  We were able to get to the bottom of this and Comcast fixed the issue and SCM now broadcast in stereo.  But many show files produced prior to our involvement have only one channel of audio.  In fact, we understand that any show produced live in the large studio at SCAN was recorded and broadcast only with right channel audio, and at a low volume level.

We have just heard that a particular show, a rerun, aired with no audio.  We checked the show file and the show, which was a live show done in the large studio, has audio and only in the right channel.   
What does all this mean?  A couple things…

  • If you are uploading an older show for broadcast, be sure there is audio in both channels.  If the audio is only in a single channel and you can remix to mono and upload the new file, you’ll solve the issue.  If you aren’t sure what to do, call or email us. 
  • A viewer not hearing audio on this particular program could also mean that the fix Comcast made may have only fixed the stereo issue for some viewers and not all.  
  • It is possible the viewer had his television set up to only hear only one of the audio channels and it happened to be the one with no audio for this particular program.