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There are a few steps to become a member of Seattle Community Media...

Become a member ($35/year)

Click on the Basic Membership button to the right to sign up for a basic membership.  You must be a resident of Seattle or King County or a qualifying organization based in Seattle or King County.  

Imported Programming (+$25)

SCM reserves the station's broadcast time for local producers who create content locally.  If you are outside of Seattle/King County and are hoping to have your programming broadcast on SCM, you must have a member of SCM (who lives in Seattle or King County) sponsor your program.  Your program is considered 'Imported Programming.'  The local producer member sponsor (who must be a Basic Member) then pays an additional $25/year Imported Programming fee.   

Take Classes ($50 / members ONLY)

If you plan on checking out gear or using the edit stations or studio, you will need to take classes to learn how to use the gear properly.  You can see the list of upcoming classes on the home page.  Classes are available only to members.

Pay for Certifications ($10 each)

Once you have gotten certified on the equipment that you want to use, come back to the site to pay for the certifications (click on the Membership Add-ons button to the right). 

Renew your Membership

If you are currently a member and need to renew your membership, click on the Membership Renewal button to the right.

Members of Seattle Community Media have access to Seattle Community Media studios and equipment based on their membership type. 

All Seattle Community Memberships begin with a Basic Membership:

Basic Membership All basic members can upload shows to be broadcast on air and/or streamed from the website.  Producers who do not live in Seattle or King County must have a representative who lives in Seattle or King County to have their programs broadcast on SCM.  The local representative is the producer member sponsor of your program and your programs are considered 'Imported Programming.'  The local producer member sponsor must pay an additional $25/year.


In addition to basic membership, you can choose to be certified in the following areas, giving you more options and abilities:

Studio Membership ADD-ON

Members who are "Studio Certified" can...

Book time in the studio.  The Seattle Community Media studio is equipped with four robotic cameras, full lights, and built so that your entire production can be completed by a single person.

Camera Membership ADD-ON

Members who are "Camera Certified" can...

Check out everything you need to do an off-site production shoot, including high-definition cameras, lights, and microphones of all types.