Producers - To Schedule Shows, Use Scheduling Form or Email

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The Scheduling Options tab that appears after you have submitted a new Episode hasn't worked reliably for some time. Rather than continue trying to work around it, we are no longer going to use it.  For now it will still appear, but you can now ignore it.  

How to Schedule Your Programs

For producers with Guaranteed Time Slots and repeats, to schedule your programs you have two options.  The favored option is to fill out the Scheduling Form found in your Members Tool Box (for the form to appear correctly, your Java and Browser will need to be updated).  The other option is to email BOTH Dean and Tom.  You can also fill out the form AND email us.

For new producers who do not yet have Guaranteed Time Slots, emails us, do not fill out the Scheduling Form.  Email Dean AND Tom when you have submitted a new program.  We will then find two available time slots to broadcast your program each week.  We will try to schedule your Episode in the Prime Time time block first, then the Day Time time block, followed by the Overnight time block, if nothing is available.  We will then email you with the scheduled times your program will broadcast.