Economist Kshama Sawant is shaking up the Seattle political establishment with her run for City Council as an independent Socialist.  Dubbed, "the strongest socialist candidate in the U.S. in decades", the shocking truth is that she actually stands a good chance of winning.  Sawant garnered more votes in the primary than the Mayor, and last week she made the cover of the Stranger, the local weekly which came with a strong endorsement.  This was in addition to a host of labor endorsements.

Sawant who teaches economics at Seattle Central Community Collage was one of the key figures in the Seattle Occupy movement. And like Occupy which forced a change in the national dialogue to focus on record inequality, her call for a citywide minimum wage of $15/hr, affordable housing through rent control, and a Millionaires Tax to fund mass transit and education is already altering the political landscape.  This week, both mayoral candidates came out in favor of the $15 minimum wage.

We decided to take a closer look at the source of all the commotion and were granted an exclusive hour long interview.  Join us for a lively discussion.

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