This is a romance novel for grown-ups.   Tuck the little ones in bed before you watch this program.

In Chapter Three, Fey reveals herself to be a Woodland Fairy--- truly, she is a fey, and consorts with gnomes, deer and all the animals on the Olympic Peninsula.   Our hero, the Green Man, although a human, becomes essential to the fey.   We hear about the sky burial of Orlan, the King of Stags.

The Green Man notices a sharp contrast between the reality he experiences, and the reality of Capitalist Democracy, Modern Socialism and Modern Communism.   None of the current forms of economic and political reality describe any irrevocable reality of nature.  Each of those social structures have created piles and piles of dead bodies.  Far more dead bodies than any natural disaster.  Each of those social structures is invented--- invented for one purpose:  to create and sustain a world of economic slavery, slavery for 99.999% of the population of Planet Earth.

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