Week Series Program Name Episode Rating Language
2019-08-22 STARBORN STARBORN Good News = Hard Work S8E33 TV-G English
2019-08-22 Truth vs. NEW$, Inc. TvNI - American freedoms free? 2nd hr S8E31 TV-G English
2019-08-21 All-ways Pursuing Truth TvNI - American freedoms free?! 1st hour S8E31 TV-G English
2019-08-20 Call 4 Investigation C4I Stew Webb and Patricia share happenings S8E35 TV-G English
2019-08-20 Public Interest Issues Show Ashley Moody - Florida AG - Help Find Brad S8E10  TV-G English
2019-08-19 Pirate Television Confronting Questions of Psychedelics S8E33  TV-G English
2019-08-18 Gospel of the Last Days On A Mission Part 1 S2E33  TV-G English
2019-08-18 There is Hope TV Encounter with God-Part Two S4E30  TV-G English
2019-08-17 Al-Islam and Community Issues MAAFA - The Disaster S3E22  TV-G English
2019-08-15 STARBORN STARBORN A Bright Light In The Dark S8E32  TV-G English
2019-08-15 Truth vs. NEW$, Inc. TvNI -Whither Epstein et al 2nd hr S8E30 TV-G English
2019-08-14 All-ways Pursuing Truth TvNI - Whither Epstein?! 1st hour S8E30 TV-G English
2019-08-14 General Welfare Presents GWP Glumaz, LaRouche, BEAUTIFUL OPTIONS 7 24 19 S7E25  TV-G English
2019-08-14 Talking Stick Ari Kohn w/ the Post-Prison Education Program S8E23 TV-G English
2019-08-14 "US!" Seatac Creative Television S1E4 TV-G English
2019-08-13 Call 4 Investigation C4I Patricias perspectives on what is happening S8E34  TV-G English
2019-08-13 Public Interest Issues Show Public Interest Issues - Ananda Mela S8E9  TV-G English
2019-08-12 Pirate Television Down With Work! S8E32  TV-G English
2019-08-11 Gospel of the Last Days Knocking at the Door Part 3 S2E32  TV-G English
2019-08-11 There is Hope TV Encounter with God-Part One S4E29  TV-G English