Janet Christensen Obrien


I am a filmmaker, TV Producer of the Public Interest Issues Show and a licensed and bonded Private Eye owner and operator of the Seattle Detective Bureau

Janet Christensen Obrien produces Public Interest Issues Show  (336 Episodes)
Janet Christensen Obrien, owner - operator of Seattle Detective Bureau, I'm a Private Eye, TV Producer and Filmmaker. Hope you like my shows. I'm the host and producer of the "Public Interest Issues Show

Hi I'm Janet Christensen Obrien.  I am the owner and operator of the "Seattle Detective Bureau" a private detective company.  I'm also a filmmaker and TV Producer.  My TV Show is listed  under the name "Public Interest Issues Show" on the internet.  Mu y videos can be seen all over Google on Vimeo, Dailymotion, Youtube, Facebook, IMDB, SCAN TV, PTTV, Seattle Community Media and Archieve.org, as well as IndyMedia and  LinkedIn under the names:  Janet Christensen OBrien and Seattle Detective Bureau.  I have written several stories on LA Indymedia about KEY BANK AND STEVEN A MILLER LYING TO THE FBI.  I have done videos hopping that Justice Charle Wiggins Retires.  I have done Videos about my GMAIL TO FREDERICK C GUTT of SEATTLE FBI as a Public Interest Story.  I have been written up in Matthew Pearl and Greg Nichols new blog called "Secrets and Wives"  Im the Private Eye in the Story.  I have been on Marti Oakley's show in January 2013 talking about the Writ of Certiorari I filed with the United States Supreme Court and the Sept 24, 2012 Conference my Writ of Cert was in. My Writ of Cert was declined after it was given to the Conference. I talked for an hour on Marti Oakley's Radio show about it.   I love every interview and video that I have created.  My special interest is doing stories on bad Cops, Bad Judges and Bad Lawyers who should retire and be in jail... I have many  venues for my creative thoughts.  My independent films are listed on IMDB under my name, Janet Christensen Obrien.  I do not have any spare time. I am the host and producer of the "Public Interest Issues Show". Check out my show on Cathay Bank Grand Opening, my interview with "Shelley Marlow"about her new book "Two Augusts In a Row In a Row", and segments of the UpStream Music Festival, may talk about Attorney misconduct and WSBA and my interview with "Peter Davenport" about his UFO hotline and more  go to https://archive.org/details/SCM-PII-700284