Karen Campbell


STARBORN is an award-winning series which offers weekly horoscope predictions based on the mathematical positions, speeds, and directions of the planets. It has aired on Comcast Cable Channel 77 since 1994

Karen Campbell produces STARBORN  (423 Episodes)
A weekly horoscope series featuring a current theme according to the speeds and positions of the planets in their orbits. After the introduction, 12 Sun Sign predictions are given. The show has aired since 1994 and is the winner of several awards

Karen Campbell is the Chairman of the Starborn Institute, a non-profit public charity devoted to offering guidance through better self understanding as a way to curb juvenile delinquency, inspire more tolerant attitudes, and particularly to end gun violence in the schools by having Protection Patrols of senior citizens who serve as a stabilizing influence. See www.starborninstitute.org for Mission Statement and more background information. Karen is the creator, producer, writer, and director of STARBORN which has earned several national awards, and she has produced almost 1300 new shows during 25 years of popular viewing.