Bill Alford

Moral Politics - produced by Bill Alford - targets good governance. Topics have ranged from Gun Sanity to Fluoridating drinking water to Nutty Religions onto Mideast existential

Bill Alford produces 3 Series:
Moral Politics  (122 Episodes)
Mission Statement: (MP) is a media source for good governance. It strives through vital, under-reported, and confronting interviews, and video specials, to ensure Americans enjoy a sane, honest, secular and multi-cultural society. MP maintains a deep con
GIS Films  (65 Episodes)
Our mission is to overcome rampant media censorship and gross distortion that produce negative consequences in America . For over nine years, our concerns have been with America's politicians and numerous media organizations that suport Israel's b
Alternate Focus  (93 Episodes)
AF) is media that provides balance to existing coverage of Middle East and related issues. Founded by a Jew, a Christian and a Muslim, AF has over twenty producers who help with every aspect of video production, broadcasting, and DVD distribution to stat