So often people assume Sodom And Gomorrah were destroyed by God because of homosexuality, but very noticeably those people never even consider any sort of backing up this belief about Genesis 19. Also, no one ever asked them to produce backup as how they get Sodom And Gomorrah destroyed because of gays. The closest the Bible comes to it is saying entire populations of two cities came to rape to death the two angels. How come this is so difficult to know this cannot be gay behaviors? Then we have the end of the event where Lot's Daughters raped him Produced on 01-29-2012 Episode: 1351 Air Date: 02/05/2012
Program Details
Episode S1E2
Broadcast Week Jan 29th 2012
Duration 00:28:00
Audience Rating TV-G
Genre Religious
Theme Faith-Based
Language English

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