03-27-11"The Temple of Aphrodite"
It is said the Temple of Aphrodite had over 1000 temple prostitutes. Paul wrote the Book of Romans from Corinth where he could see this temple from anywhere in Corinth. It can be summed up that this temple is the foundation of your belief gay is sin. If you do your homework in researching to find out what Paul wrote about in the verse you say gay is sin, you will only find he saw this temple and the temple of Apollo every day and no hint of real gays that interested him, but plenty of info on Hebrew str8 men joining these fertility temples in ritual sex to worship these other gods. Produced on 03/27/2011 Episode: 1260

Program Details
Episode S1E3
Broadcast Week Feb 5th 2012
Duration 00:28:00
Audience Rating TV-G
Genre Religious
Theme Faith-Based
Language English
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