Those we hear in the media especially this election year as Republican try to find someone to be their nomination often refer themselves to be conservation Christians as though to be a Christian you have to be Red State going back to roots in the pre-civil war days. To them it is though no one else can be Christian. One major requirement is be anti-gay saying it is their faith and the Bible. Yet we never hear any accountability for their claim "its in the Bible". How did they get to be authority on ancient languages and cultures of the Bible? How are they right? There are 33,000 Christian denominations, how is the republican nominee's Christian doctrine going to represent 33,000 denominations? Why aren't those against religion in government speaking out. They say no Christmas mangers, but their silence in the election year on the Canada fight to see who can sway the Red State conservative Christians. The Bible does not talk about gays being condemned, if as much time spent in digging up details on other Bible topics was given to the gay issues they would see gay is not sin.
Program Details
Episode S1E5
Broadcast Week Feb 12th 2012
Duration 00:24:11
Audience Rating TV-G
Genre Religious
Theme Faith-Based
Language English

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