War is Hell - living through it and coming home is hard as hell! Soldiers' conversations and concerns.
Must see - esp. for every high schooler.
Whom/What would you serve - to what end?
Could soldiers'/vets' suicide rates that increased 25% this year (2012 over last) indicate there are devastating debilitating personal psychological problems inherent in sacrificial 'service to your country' (in pre-emptive foreign wars of aggression for corporate interests)?
What has all this basic training (brain-washing young people into becoming armed killers) really produced for this 'land of the free and home of the brave'?
Before you become a soldier, and retire as a vet, watch this to see what your government thinks about the worth of your service:
Program Details
Episode S1E5
Broadcast Week Feb 12th 2012
Duration 00:59:09
Audience Rating TV-G
Genre Documentary
Theme News, Business, and Government
Language English
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