What if there were a simple cure for cancer, but it would destroy the established cancer-treatment indu$try?
Should a leading research doctor & healer of cancers be hailed and heralded -- or $crewed and prosecuted?
One of our most requested documentaries; better watch as if your life might depend upon it!!
[BTW, as moss thrives on the north sides of trees, etc., cancer (fungus) thrives in the more acidic conditions of catabolism ( = tear-down; metabolism = build up).
Raising your body's pH to more alkaline (base) with proper use of bicarbonate of soda (baking soda) apparently helps your body's environmental stability.
Google up 'baking soda' and 'cancer' for starters]
Program Details
Episode S1E11
Broadcast Week Feb 26th 2012
Duration 01:45:48
Audience Rating TV-G
Genre Documentary
Theme News, Business, and Government
Language English
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