SCAN dies and Seattle Community Media is funded by City of Seattle and Public Access moves to new location at North Seattle Community College in Education Building and Janet christensen Obrien and the charge of Seattle Public Access.

This is a show of many different 5 minutes segments.


First we have an interview done by a local TV producer named Will P. Wilson  who has a show called All Day Live,  and then on to a series of interviews about the Hemp Festival and speakers and venders, then on to talking with people who went to see Paul Allen, at  his  book signing,,  then on to watch 1000  Rabbit ,  which in reality is 1000 people in Rabbit costumes, walking around and having fun.


Then  we have various music performances.


  Produced for your viewing pleasure. by Janet Christensen OBrien host of the show called "Public Interest Issues" 


 Hope you enjoy.ed...


Also we went to the city hall and did interviews .

Various segments of short stories and interviews of various people on Public Interest Issues. Also included in this show is a short interview segment filmed in the city hall with Will Wilson doing the interview
Program Details
Episode S1E12
Broadcast Week Feb 26th 2012
Duration 00:58:02
Audience Rating TV-G
Genre News
Theme News, Business, and Government
Language English

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