Interesting history of a family, the members of which proclaim that they care not about the laws of nations for whom they control the currency.
What is your family to them?  another Financial $lave!
J & D Consultants International Ministries
Informing for delivering God’s peoples from the bondage of Babylon
by reclaiming unalienable rights through education and action.
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The Lord works in mysterious ways.   At times I strongly feel that my TV ministries (now world-wide) have served as blessings of truth to alert and wake up enough people to harsh realities of this society and the world to start making a change. (Ghandi)
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Thank you most kindly for any consideration.. in these turbulent times
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Upward and onward.
Pastor Don
**since 2004 when I was talent on Call 4 Investigation and Closing the Circle (as 'The Naked Truth"!), starting my own All-ways Pursuing Truth in May of 2005, One's call to Investigate in Oct. 2008, which transitioned into Truth vs. NEW$, Inc in July of 2009,
***Pastor Don  (Donald T. Grahn)
J & D Consultants International Ministries
c/o 12345 Lake City Way N.E.  #133
Seattle (98125)
Program Details
Episode S1E14
Broadcast Week Mar 18th 2012
Duration 00:55:44
Audience Rating TV-G
Genre Documentary
Theme News, Business, and Government
Language English
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