Lots to talk about here.  Are all of U.S. operating in a democracy, a republic; - - or a corporation???
If you know grammar and language, you will recognize that printing in CAPITAL letters is CORPORATE; and, anything [within brackets] is not a binding part of a contract.
Now, find a copy of the FRCP  (Federal Rules of Civil Procedure) which is the Bible of the U.S. Court system (Any year will do).
Look in the back (about page 1220 or so) to find
WE THE PEOPLE of the United States.......establish this CONSTITUTION for the United States of America. ..."
Now, notice the numbering of the  7 ARTICLES.  then notice the numbering of the Amendments, ARTICLES [I - XII], ARTICLES XIII - XVI, and ARTICLES [XVII-XXVII]   Which are unbracketed [ ] 4 [ ] and applicable to actions in U.S. Courts?
Sooo... Do those "sacred" Bill of Rights mean anything in court?
Please supply superior evidence of law to refute this! Pleeaaase!!
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