In the 1960s, the Seattle Police Department looked a lot different from today’s. An elaborate police payoff system–which traded bribes for illegal gambling and other activities–had infiltrated the entire city. Now, Christopher T. Bayley (then-King County Prosecutor) is sharing the facts behind this chapter of Emerald City history. Seattle Justice describes the city officials, high-ranking police officers, and others who were part of this web of crime–and how Bayley indicted them to bring real justice to the city. He’ll give an account of these harrowing times (one that Town Hall founder David Brewster accurately labeled as “a warning for today”) and explore the connections between this history and how it led to an increased desire for reform politics in the state.
Thanks to Seattle Town Hall and University Book Store
Program Details
Episode S5E2
Broadcast Week Jan 15th 2016
Duration 58:00:04
Audience Rating TV-G
Genre Action
Theme Academic & Education
Language English
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