Seattle’s recently-passed I-22 was a landmark step toward stricter campaign finance rules for more “honest” elections, but large corporations, interest groups, and individuals like the Koch brothers retain a strong hold on politics. Nation on the Take is an exploration of national campaign finance trends, how they’ll affect the 2016 presidential election, and, perhaps most importantly, how ordinary citizens can put a stop to campaigns fueled by big money. Wendell Potter, senior analyst with the Center for Public Integrity, will appear in conversation with co-author Nick Penniman, executive director of Issue One, to share their ideas for reform and how small, achievable steps can create real change in the next election.

Recorded 3/28/16

Thanks to Seattle Town Hall & University Bookstore


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Episode S5E13
Broadcast Week Apr 1st 2016
Duration 58:00:04
Audience Rating TV-G
Genre Action
Theme Academic & Education
Language English
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