If anyone needed an example of the stark difference between reality and propaganda as represented by corporate media news coverage in the US, one would have a hard time finding a better one than how they spin the Israel/Palestine issue.  I was abruptly reminded of this watching Hillary Clinton’s endless spewing of propaganda myths this evening in the NY debate.  It makes me wonder if inside that beltway bubble they have ever heard of social media.  I suspect this might backfire on Hillary.

The credibility of the establishment narrative took a big hit with Israel’s last invasion of Gaza.  While they were broadcasting the standard BS, social media was awash with pictures of the horror that was going down as it was happening.  But even though I have been following this issue for a long time, and consider myself to be better informed than most, Jeff Halper somehow always manages to change the entire paradigm.
A leading figure in the Israeli peace movement, co-founder of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD), noted scholar, educator and prolific author, Halper, starts off by posing the question: “How does Israel get away with it?”  He says the standard assumptions- the Israeli lobby, etc. “didn’t do it for him”.  What he found exposes a hidden world of military/security relationships.  Technology and systems of surveillance and population control that Israel peddles to global ruling elites for their militaries, corporations, security agencies, and police forces in order to make itself essential to the global capitalist security state system as everyday life becomes evermore militarized.

Israel is a world leader in high tech systems of repression for global pacification and they have millions of people to test these weapons on.  Far from a burden or a threat, he says Israeli elites view the occupation and their periodic wars as an opportunity- a laboratory.  What’s worse, Israeli militarism and its horrors cannot be seen in isolation.  As Halper demonstrates, systems like weaponized nanotechnology, database tracking, automated targeting, and unmanned drones don’t just threaten the lives and civil liberties of Palestinians.  You might find that some of this technology is already being used on you.

Jeff Halper is the author of Between Redemption and Revival: The Jewish Yishuv in Jerusalem in the Nineteenth Century; An Israeli in Palestine: Resisting Dispossession, Redeeming Israel; Obstacles to Peace: A Reframing of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, and his latest; War Against the People: Israel, The Palestinians and Global Pacification.  Halper travels and lectures widely on the Israeli/Palestinian issue.  In 2006, the American Friends Service Committee nominated him along with Palestinian Ghassan Andoni for a Nobel Peace Prize.

Thanks to the Rachel Corrie Foundation for Peace and Justice and Jewish Voice for Peace - Tacoma.  Recorded 2/24/16



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