What is financialization? Keeping fossil fuels in the ground depends, in no small part, on rapidly developing a Green Economy that transitions us to renewable energy sources and provides clean green jobs. But this crucial endeavor is directly thwarted by our Wall Street-generated financialized economy - one where profits are made not by building new economic structures and improving living standards but by destructively siphoning wealth from current assets and loading us down with debt.

To get to a Green Economy in time to stop global warming we need to reverse financialization and make finance serve the public not the other way around. Because financialization harms everyone's lives - students and schools, healers and healthcare, workers and pensions - addressing it is a powerful tool for alliance building and growing the movement to address climate change. Learn about the hidden forces that are the biggest obstical to a better world.

Thanks to 350.org lecture series
Recorded 4/26/16 at Keystone Church, Seattle


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Episode S5E22
Broadcast Week May 22nd 2016
Duration 00:58:00
Audience Rating TV-G
Genre Action
Theme Academic & Education
Language English
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