Howdy Mike Dee here,
Hi C4I'ers, (I have send this to the 2 people hosting the show, and the 2 talking about stuff, including Mr. Bundy, but, not to the guy addressing People Experiencing Homelessness Issues. I would send him a different e-mail.)

I am not going to go into Judges and Jurisdictions, Fringed Flags, and Admiralty or Maritime Courts, because I only know very, very, little about that. 

I have very little info on this set of events. So, I will work backwards on this.

I have a little bit of experience with MCSO (in Portland, Oregon.)

I am not in the Portland Metro Area anymore, and things may have changed, but probably not the stuff I would be addressing with you, at first.

I am not an attorney.

I watched the Cable Access Show, and heard you talk about this inmate.

More specifically, a Potential, Pre-Trial Detainee.

They are not a Prisoner, not saying that anybody called him that.

But, Because, 
First, They are not in Prison. 
Second, I have not heard about any Charges, Trials, or Convictions, so they are not a Convict either. (Unless maybe they have a Prior Prison History, or maybe even if they have been Convicted of anything, by a Court, in their History).
They may not even be a Pre-Trial Detainee, because they don't seem to be in a Trial Process. (which means, they will be low-priority/No-Priority, to access the Legal Library, and if they are in Solitary Confinement(Administrative, Disciplinary, Medical Segregation, or Protective Custody-That may be all USM holds, not sure.
It says he is on a U.S. Marshall’s' Hold.
I know even less, about that also.
Basically, the Federal Government(Mark Hatfield - Court House), across the street from M.C.S.O. (Multnomah County Sheriff Office)- in Downtown Portland, (Justice Center - InJustice Center).
Rents a Percentage of the M.C.S.O. Jail to hold people for them.

I suggest people get a copy of the Inmate Manual. I do not know if it is online, in it's entirety, not just the Visiting, sending mail, and F.A.Q.'s, that are already online.

This is a Manual that is either Issued to an Inmate, or available at the area where the Inmate is instructed to be housed at.

In the Manual, is the concepts about Pre-Trial Detainees, and Sentenced people.

Pre-Trial Detainees are only being held for one reason or another. Taking away any of their Inmate Rights or Privileges, unless they have caused a potential Security Issue, Sanitary Situation, or Good Order of the Jail concern, could be considered a Government Taking, of Liberties, Without Due Process.

The Process for UN-Lawful Arrest, improper Detention, and Violation of one's Right's, are often filed, right after there are Released.
Unless, you are required to file before release, maybe to make some deadlines.
A "Habeus Corpus" filing, maybe helpful, to get some movement, on Mr. Bundy. 

Jail Staff, do not always remember to differentiate between the Sentenced and UN-Sentenced. The Sentenced can have Rights and Liberties Restricted, and/or taken away from them, because they have gone through a Process, (and they must give the Devil his Due), o.k., not really, but I did not have a handy saying to use here. No Due Process.

I heard talk about Rights being taken away from Mr. Bundy.

Also, I heard about a couple of Jail Discipline Hearings.
These are not supposed to be used with the Basic Pre-Trial Detainee.
They are very one-sided, and anything you say, will be used against you, along with anything the Jailers said, you said, or did, or did not do. You have a Right to Remain Silent, and they are supposed to be always Recorded, and reviewed by someone, outside the interview, but I have never heard of that person, over-turning a finding(as the often call it). This Recording, should be available to the Public, through a Public Request, of some sort, It may take some time, and may even cost some money.

Please Remember, whatever action people do to address the concerns, could be taken out on Mr. Bundy, so I would make sure he wants people to turn up the heat or not, before they do.

These little changes, can have a big effect on people. Loss of certain privileges, like visits, commissary, and even phone calls, can be hard on some.

Also, the not knowing when things are going to happen, can be upsetting.

I have had friends help my situation, a number of times, in different ways.

But, I usually am better at helping them, because I know the System better, then they do, I often have to try and explain it to them.

Booking Information

SWIS ID 795069
Name Bundy, Ammon Edward
Age 41
Gender Male
Race White
Height 6 ft 0 in
Weight 220 lbs
Hair Brown
Eyes Blue
Arresting Agency US Marshall Service
Booking Date 04/25/2016 02:47 PM
Assigned Facility MCDC
Projected Release Date Unknown


Click on each court case number to expand the display and see the charges.

Court Case No. None DA Case No. None Citation No. None

USM HOLD (U Unknown)

Bail: $0

Status: Unsentenced

Bail required could be the full amount or 10% of the full amount.

Someone could call the U.S. Marshall's Office, and maybe they could tell you more.

Mike Dee out

Let me know if I can help someway.

I know even less about Will P. Wilson, if he is still in Jail, and what for.




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