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U.S. Constitution 
Article III 
Section 2. 
The judicial power shall extend to all cases, in law and equity, arising under this Constitution, the laws of the United States, and treaties made, or which shall be made, under their authority;--to all cases affecting ambassadors, other public ministers and consuls;--to all cases of admiralty and maritime jurisdiction; 

Virginia Charter 1612 remains in affect via Article III section 2 and has been used all throughout the history of the US ever sense the Paris Treaty 1783. 

DNR 1111 Washington St SE, Olympia WA 98504  took every boat Mike had (two cabin cruisers/two sail boats/a 105 foot vessel/ and various dingys now is charging Mike 105k for the privilege of taking them from him. Which will sooner or later make him homeless. Isn't this bad enough that certain ones were allowed to take his property at 2716 Warren Ave. N. Seattle, WA 98109 a bearutiful Queen Anne home not to mention a life time of valuables going when thrown out at gun point with no time alotted to get anything out of the house. To top that off the Common Law Case was already adjudicated and put in the official files there was no Jurisdiction for such an action.  The ones doing the harm had no right to be able to proceed with the forclosure in any way let alone go against a lawful Common Law court decision (7th Amendment).  As per the Common Law Decision millions are owed to Mike Shupe. 
EPA is getting involved to cause even more trouble.  The entire so called Shorline Plan is nul and void as per the authority of the Virginia Charter do no harm breaks the contract and there by the Direct Heir of the lineage of the Originator of the Virginia Charters has had to step back in and declare all decisions must go through the Board of Directors of the Direct Heir Affiliated Trusts. No longer will the recipients be acknowledged as having the power to proceed in these harmful ways.  They are ordered to cease and desist immediately.  Which means the Shoreline Agreement is null and Void.  The EPA has no say, DNR is to set right the items taken from not only Mike but each case will be looked at to take appropriate measures.  Health Department is ordered to Cease and Desist from doing any further harm to the residence of not only the Coyle area, but any other area that is in question. 
Tammy Robbins Aquatic Resources Division 360 902 1548 
The health department  demands that a septic tank be put in. The cost is beyond excessive and it looks to be not only duress but the persons getting the bid seem to be the only  'allowed' to put in the septic tank.  And to top that off they are suddenly demanding the septic tank be put in when the owner can NOT afford to do so what has been used for septic purposes has been very functional for many decades, it is even legal to simply have a sani-can.  IF the so called health department, namely Evan Dobrowski 
#   360 385 9400   trannically demanding that the septic must be put in rather than something totally legal (a sani-can) and affordable.  Oh yes, and Mike is not the only one being demanded to put in the over kill so called mandatory style of septic tank. 
Also see: The EPA: They’re Protecting Someone, But It Isn’t You

Now let's look at the rest of the situation. For years extreme effort has been put into controling the water source so as to run up the bills, for poor quality water.  What is the shame of it is, prior to the take  over of the Water district there was not only a surplus of funds to fix what needed to be done but the water quality was Let wonderful. 

Next the nightmare of my dealing with AT&T and communication problems go on and on.    For one, in order to deal with AT&T you are supposed to know the code/pin number that AT&T assigned to my account when they refuse to allow me to have a copy of the bill by snailmail, due to not being allowed to get into my accounts.  And AT&T only sends the info to the account. So if that is not enough then my dial tone is all to often not even available not to mention people being able to call me.  Then further found out that AT&T was billing me for something I did not have and called it overdue, then add in charging for the same something was for someone calling me, and not collect.  Then don't miss out that the bill somehow doubled what was originally said and supposedly due to all the problems, a credit of 95 dollars was supposed to be credited to my account, which of course was not.  And that is just the very tip of the problems with AT&T.   
piracetam,/noopept/choline/l theanine 


Although tribe spokesman Steve Sitting Bear said 30 people had been pepper-sprayed and six suffered dog bites, Morton County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Donnell Preskey claimed law enforcement had received no reports of protesters being injured, according to the Wall Street Journal. 

James Redwillow and Mario Gonzales Atty How about making Amy an honorary member of the Standing Rock Tribe. My Grandfather was full blood Standing Rock Tribe and know the we would definitely take her as a member of the Tribe. So this type of charges could not stand against anyone trying to bring out the truth of what has gone on and what is currently going on. 

BREAKING: US Marshall's to serve three subpoenas tomorrow for Oversight Committee 

Default Judgment Filed After Hillary Failed to Respond to Benghazi Lawsuit 

Article 2, Section 7 of the DNC Bylaws says that if there is a vacancy on the national ticket, a special meeting of the Committee ” shall be held on the call of the Chairperson,” where they would choose a new candidate. Such meetings make decisions based on a majority of those in attendance. 
Read more: WHAT REALLY HAPPENED | The History The US Government HOPES You Never Learn! 

And whereas allsoe for the greater good and benefitt of the said Companie and for the better furnishing and establishing of the said plantacion we did further [give], grannte and confirme by our said lettres patent unto the said Treasorer and Companie and their successors for ever, all those landes, contries and territories scituate, lyeing and being in that part of America called Virginia, 

land throughout from sea to sea, 
Treasurer and Companie of Adventurers and Planters of the Cittie of London for the First Colonie in Virginia, and to their heires, successors and assignes for ever, to the sole and proper use and behoofe of them, the said Treasurer and Companie and their heires, successores and assignes for ever; to be holden of us, our heires and successors as of our mannor of Eastgreenwich, in free and common soccage and not in capite, yealding and paying therefore, to us, our heires and successors, the fifte part of the oare of all gold and silver which shalbe there gotten, had or obteined for all manner of services, whatsoever. 

Its diplomats parried Great Britain's demands until the British ministry, rebuffed by the duke of Wellington (who refused to take command in Canada) and fearing the expense of a long continuation in hostilities decided to settle for a peace based on the status quo ante bellum. Between the signing of the treaty, on 24 December 1814 and the time the news arrived in the United States, the last major battle, the Battle of New Orleans, had been fought on 7–8 January 1815. 
Treaty of Ghent 
Federalist and Republican parties, on the other. These strains became so serious that in November 1814, New England Federalists met in convention at Hartford, Connecticut, to consider measures to nullify the war effort. The ending of the war shortly afterwards left the Federalists marked with the stigma of disloyalty, and this undoubtedly contributed to the party's rapid demise after 1815. (or did it? Think of what the government is called now the Federal Government?) 
The economic impact of the war was equally complex. The disruptions it entailed on America's international commerce were, to some extent, offset by greater governmental expenditures, an increased demand for domestic manufacturing, and the deflection of capital from shipping to the first large‐scale American industries, especially in New England. 

John Whiteclay Chambers II. "War of 1812." The Oxford Companion to American Military History. 2000. 12 Sep. 2016 <>. 
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