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March 18 2017 - 2 ROC Keynote Speakers debate and relate!  
Kevin Barrett,, PhD, Muslim, vs. (and) Scott Bennett, PHD, Christian. 

This is a special personally exclusive interview that no one at today's 'Heritage of Arabian Colonialism Conference, the  Roots of Conflict - Past and Present' - stayed to see.                     This is just for you and yours to see and share...  and,  

Here is My personal editorial comment:   

We, human beings, all have one thing in common - each of us operates on  insufficient information - I don't know everything there is and was - do You?   We all gain differing perspectives based on  one's  upbringing, and experiences.   Now: 

Is there hope for reconciliation in these Arabian hot sands of deep-rooted conflicts of hurt and hate?

Yes - IF based on what Gandhi said:   "God has no religion!"                ALL religions / denominations / sects were / are created by man's earnest, but insufficient attempts to relate to,  and  define the undefinable omni-everything  even beyond our imagination.

Originators and leaders of religions often used their 'inspired revelations / divine determinations'  to create churches, institutions,  rituals, movements and relations to guide / control the minds, spirits, and directions of followers, their 'flock of sheep'...

As I go through this wondrous existence of life on earth:  I have strived to walk a  path following my life's 2 Step Mantra -             1.  All-ways Pursue Truth - unless something better comes along;   2. There is no DECEPTION so great as SELF-DECEPTION - Question the Roots that created your deep convictions / beliefs. - and Repeat Step 1.

[Beware of 'blind faith' -  Trust, but verify, seek bottom-line truth.]

...followers must beware of the 'Divine Driving Deception' of being in the flock of the only special 'chosen people' which  then strettccchhh their religious doctrined relationships into the political (and economic) worlds.   The thought of "MY GOD being better than your god"  is a deadly and dastardly DECEPTION.  

Ironically and tragically, it is reality that Religions have caused (way too) many wars and conflicts.  (with bankers readily funding both $ide$).

In this world, we are all brothers and sisters - (we all bleed red) and we are "God's" creations  -  "his" children , sons and daughters (not grandchildren) and "God/Yahweh/the Lord loves all of this marvelous creation"   Everyone is a chosen person of equal value to every other person created with the same needs for life and health.    
Think about it, Your basic Relationship with your Creator really doesn't need a middleman / salesman - unless that human association inspires and strengthens your innate pursuit of real Truth.    [Train up a Child... indoctrinate...and they'll not soon depart from it]

Does your dress, or your daily / Sabbath ritual routines really bring you closer to the freedom of a loving direct 1:1 relationship with the One living Creator? 

The One omni-everything (by any name you call Him/Her  - God/YAHWEH/Allah, etc)  created all in perfect harmony - and loves it / us all ,  Right?

Here is a simple song that my best friend wrote and sang that says it all:

Live simply and share this Love broadly. 

Will this realization help reconcile the conflicts throughout Arabia / the world?

 - Or  - is there something better?

Your Comments welcomed..



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