Under the glorious effects of yesterday's New Moon in Taurus, and with four (4) retrograde planets - the Set Up of a plan or goal is even more important than the goal itself because if the Set Up isn't right, the goal cannot be reached successfully. So first you may need to review and re-examine your hopes, wishes, dreams, ideas, plans, schedules, contracts, policies, and above all, your budget. Before a new start can get underway - the truth about a hidden situation, or regarding a well-kept secret must be exposed - and a betrayal or an impostor can be revealed anytime. Getting the right management or right policies in place first is essential since the goal is financial success and stability for a long time to come. All it will take is the exposure of the truth, the no-nonsense ability to face reality, a dedicated desire to work hard, and a total commitment to success, no matter how long it takes to achieve. YES, IT CAN BE DONE!
Program Details
Episode S6E17
Broadcast Week Apr 16th 2017
Duration 00:27:52
Audience Rating TV-G
Genre Forecast
Theme Well-being & Lifestyle
Language English
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