The Good outweighs the Bad this week, so you can make solid progress toward your goals and plans because there is a grand trine in the practical, realistic, hard-working earth signs, and harmonious trines among the fire and air signs as well. A new beginning may get a second chance for success. Your future plans may depend on quick thinking and good deals. And although solid progress is well favored - IT WON'T BE EASY. A harsh T-cross in cardinal signs indicates power plays and budget cuts may delay success, but they can't stop it. An even harsher grand cross among the mutable signs may produce malicious gossip, lies, and enemies with old grudges to settle - so they may impede progress, but they can't stop it. Now the hard work begins, so have courage and get ready to roll up your sleeves. There is "heavy lifting" ahead. The upcoming week will carry the threat of treachery. Be careful and keep your guard up at all time
Program Details
Episode S6E18
Broadcast Week Apr 23rd 2017
Duration 00:28:03
Audience Rating TV-G
Genre Forecast
Theme Well-being & Lifestyle
Language English

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