Since the Sun and Mercury in Taurus, a fixed financial earth sign, are harshly squaring the Moon in Aquarius, a fixed creative air sign - the cost of something in the future is fighting with its affordability.  While the Titans of Technology and Industry are investing their own money in their own innovative plans and ideas - there is no cost analysis of the demand for them or the potential profitability of them Life in a Bubble occurs when the NEW is supplied before there is a demand for it - and when the Bubble Bursts - that Life disintegrates, and the picture is not a pretty one. Who can afford personal space travel? How many people want drones and robots in their homes and neighborhoods? Where does privacy end and spying begin? And who is going to pay ultimately for new futuristic toys? With a grand trine in air signs, new plans and ideas are galloping forward like a Headless Horseman, but in the end, the test of a good idea is if it is affordable...OR NOT
Program Details
Episode S6E22
Broadcast Week May 7th 2017
Duration 00:27:46
Audience Rating TV-G
Genre Forecast
Theme Well-being & Lifestyle
Language English

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