The Full Moon in Sagittarius may signal a time when you could get a second chance to get something right, or to finally start something new that had been delayed. A new beginning could start very suddenly, or a transition could begin if you're willing to work very hard to complete it. This is a rare time when the Full Moon is not as strong as other well placed planets, so their dominance must be considered. Venus, Mercury, and Mars have all moved into new signs, and they are in near perfect alignment with each other which compounds their strength and makes them very powerful for the good. In contrast, there is a potentially harmful grand cross in the cardinal signs that spells trouble - perhaps in the form of a cyber attack, or threat to a large financial institution. What to do? Everyday practical concerns of most people will prevail as their commonsense plans work better now than all the high minded ideals of those who live in ivory towers.  BE SAFE AND KEEP IT SIMPLE
Program Details
Episode S6E25
Broadcast Week May 28th 2017
Duration 00:28:19
Audience Rating TV-G
Genre Forecast
Theme Well-being & Lifestyle
Language English

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