I once heard that the Dali Lama said he thought the world had enough Buddhists and that what was needed were more activists.  In divinity school, on the way to becoming a priest, Sarah Sentilles lost her belief in God and decided to become a teacher, activist, and writer instead.  Naturally, she wrote a book about it- "Breaking Up With God: A Love Story".  But this honest and courageous act of going beyond belief only plunged her deeper into the vexing questions- What is faith, really? How do we be ethical? What is the way to live a meaningful life in our violent times?  What is happiness?  What is the purpose of art? ...  
Maybe the journey through divinity school wasn’t such a waste of time.  The strength gained from her personal metamorphosis shines through as she reads from her powerful new book "Draw Your Weapons" wherein she attempts a metamorphism on us.  The book is about two men: a man who was a conscientious objector in World War II who makes violins and another man who was a US military prison guard at Abu Ghraib who paints detainee portraits.  Weaving through a collage of images, she changes us in the act of telling.  -A revolutionary act.  After the reading, she shares what she learned in the ten years journey of writing a masterpiece.
Recorded 8/8/17
Thanks to Elliott Bay Books 

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Episode S6E30
Broadcast Week Aug 13th 2017
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