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HUGE!! Mandalay Bay CEO in 'Secret Group' Sold $14 mil In Shares, Linked to DHS & Casino Security
Crisis actors sought on craigslist, in Vegas via @YouTube 
Las Vegas False Flag #Paddock #FalseFlag #tcot #deepstate

Confirmed: Authorities LIED About Las Vegas Shooter’s Hotel Check-In Date – What Else Are They Hiding?
Wow Home surveillance video shows Stephen Paddeock Practice Shooting Massacre
Las Vegas Shooter Made ISIS Tape Campaign - Ex Trump  Official
FBI Said Coercing Mandalay Bay Employees To Change Stories Also Reports Of FBI Doing The Same To Many Victims

FBI Said Coercing Mandalay Bay Employees To Change Stories
Also Reports Of FBI Doing The Same To Many Victims
Las Vegas Victim - 'I Was Shot By A Gunman IN THE CROWD' 
This Is One Of Several Reports Of Ground Level Shooters 
There Is NO TATTOO On Paddock's Neck

Slaughtered For The Agenda - 'Lee Harvey' Paddock Was Dressed 
Up With Guns - But No Motive - Never Knew He Was Patsied
* ISIS Gunmen In Vegas Executed US Defense Spy Paddock *
WH Source - Video Of Paddock Pledging Allegiance To ISIS - Vid
Mandalay Window Removal Easy, 2nd Shooter Proven - Vid
YouTube Fixes Its Search Algos To Hide Vegas Conspiracy
Steve Wynn On His Fears Of Muslim Terror Attack In Las Vegas
And The Incredible CIA-Military Grade Security In All His Hotels
ISIS Weekly News Describes Paddock’s Islamic Conversion 
This Is Why FBI Slapped Vegas Sheriff For Suggesting Paddock
'Had Help' - This Was An ISIS OP And FBI Is Trying To Hide That
ISIS Again Claims Paddock Converted 6 Months Ago
Las Vegas Sheriff - Paddock Was Living A Secret Life 
Is The Sheriff Alluding To A Muslim Conversion?
Sheriff Admits Paddock Didn't Act Alone, 'Had To Have Help'
Why Did FBI Slap Down Vegas Cops Over Sheriff Saying
Paddock Had To Have Had Help? What Is FBI Hiding?
Where Are The 1,000s Of Rounds Of Paddock's Brass Casings?
'Lee Harvey' Paddock - Another 'Lone Gunman' LIE 
Worst 'Suicide' Set-Up Of A Patsy Ever? - Pics
Live Fire Video Section - These Videos PROVE Multiple Shooters
Bleeding Victims Piled Into Pick Up Truck - Aftermath
Of Las Vegas Shooting - Vid
LISTEN - Simultaneous Firing Several Automatic Weapons - Vid
HORRIFYING Vegas Cabbie Video - Hear PROOF Of Machine 
Guns & Assault Rifles - Cabbie Rescues Concert Goers - Vid
The SOUND Of The Mandaly Bay M-60 Machine Gun - Vid
Vegas Cabbie Vid - LISTEN From :40 to 1:20 - Audio Proof Of
Multiple Shooters - Second Fires Right Above Her Location - Vid
Video Of Second Shooter On 4th Floor Of Mandalay Bay 
With Machine Gun Muzzle Flashes Clearly Visible - Vid
Video PROOF Of Second Shooter On FAR Lower Floor 
With A PLATFORM MACHINE GUN Muzzle Blast, Sound
Video Freeze Of Three Muzzle Flash Shooter Locations
Las Vegas Police Release Body Cam Footage - Vid
Edited Police Radio Traffic Confirms MULTIPLE Shooters - Vid

Tom Heneghan June 26, 2016 ...DHS contractor British Intelligence linked G4S Omar Mateen and his psyop team of 5 killed 49 at the Orlando Pulse nightclub
Friday June 11th DHS contractor British Intelligence linked G4S Kevin James Loibl killed singer Christine Grimme in Orlando
Sunday June 12th DHS contractor British Intelligence linked G4S Omar Mateen employed by British Intelligence linked G4S.and his psyop team of 5 killed 49 at the Orlando PULSE nightclub
Sunday June 12th DHS contractor British Intelligence linked G4S James Wesley Howell of Indiana was on the payroll of British Intelligence linked G4S got scared and asked police for protection 
Saturday June 18th Illegal British Michael Sandford attempt to assassinate Trump in Las Vegas trained with Omar Mateen and James Howell
Kevin James Loibl of St. Petersburg, Florida, who killed Orlando singer Christine Grimme, on the Friday night before the Omar Mateen slaughter, was also employed by British Intelligence linked G4S.
Both were also G4S “crisis actors” in the Terror Drill that took place in Tampa, Florida the end of May.
DHS has contracted British Intelligence linked G4S to handle security at 90% of America’s nuclear plants. An eyewitness watched tear gas 

Dean Clifford,
 Kurt Kallenbach,
and Santos Bonacci
are three other brave souls who are doing an excellent job of exposing the NWO and the legal system.
Download or view my second seminar and study the information in it. My second seminar explains what Natural Law is and teaches you about your natural rights. Knowing what your natural rights are is essential for spiritual freedom. My second seminar also exposes the secrets of the legal system and shows you how to defend your rights.
Thomas @ Gov't Slaves

US Intelligence Unit Accused Of Illegally Spying On Americans’ Financial Records
branch of the Treasury Department, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, have warned officials and Congress that US citizens’ and residents’ banking and financial data has been illegally searched and stored. And the breach, some sources said, extended to other intelligence agencies, such as the National Security Agency, whose officers used the Treasury’s intelligence division as an illegal back door to gain access to American citizens’ financial records.
Quote from What Really Happened

The following symptoms are of the harassment typical of electronic mind weapon targets (non-electronic harassment usually goes with the electronic effects):
I took this survey myself and found many of them to be happening to myself.:
1. You find that all of your family, friendship, and business relationships are going sour and you have done nothing to cause this. 
2. You find that "accidental" blocking of you as you walk or drive about, by strangers, has increased dramatically and every day brings several "blocking" incidents. E.g., someone slips ahead of you at the bank machine or grocery checkout, or with cars in unexpected places in parking lots. This is part of what targets call "street theater". THIS IS ABOUT BLOCKING *FAR* MORE FREQUENT THAN THAT WHICH OCCURS IN NORMAL LIFE, NOT THE USUAL OCCASIONAL OCCURENCES. 
3. Telephones frequently have static or tones or echoes; you have lots of "wrong number" calls 
4. Street lights going out as you pass under them, walking or driving 
5. Your watch and other batteries going dead often far too soon to be "natural" deaths
6. You find that you are coming suddenly awake at precisely the SAME TIME, middle of every night
7. Inescapable voice in your head and you are not mentally ill 
8. Ringing in ears - may start/stop when switching on or off electronic devices
9. Fake telephone or clock ringing or fake knocking on your door
10. Fake, loud bird calls, outdoors, which follow you everywhere
11. Hot needles deep in your flesh, especially when trying to sleep (also called "stings")
12. Limbs jerking wildly, especially when trying to sleep 
13. Extremely powerful itching which may start as small electrical shocks
14. Very fast heartbeat while relaxed (not having exercised recently) 
15. Very high body heat, no fever, relaxed, cool surroundings
16. Vibration, large area of your body, or, nearby objects which should not vibrate normally 
17. Forced awakening, can't go back to sleep, as if on high doses of caffeine
18. Vivid 3-D images while awake, eyes open or closed
19. Urges to go somewhere you don't need to or at times you would not go there 
20. Neighbors can see thru walls, possibly by sounds from them which "follow" you 
21. Repeated instances where it seems your mind is being read
22. Repeated evidence of break-ins, small scale thefts, and sabotage both at home and at work
23. Sudden "drop-you-in-your-tracks" fatigue at times you should not be tired 
Here are some others: 
Sensations of heat and cold on various parts of the body.
Manipulation of sense of taste. For instance, food and drink can be made to taste altogether different, or to be totally tasteless.
Manipulation of vision. The eyesight can be "made" blurry, or seem as if were seeing through a fog.
Manipulation of sense of touch. Various parts of the body can be made to tingle, vibrate or become entirely numb.
Frequent pain: abdominal pain, headaches, earaches, toothaches that linger for several hours or that come and go in a minute's time. A stinging pain in the eyes.
Sleep deprivation, or the feeling of being "wired."
Vivid dreams.
Memory and concentration are continuously severely affected.
Control of emotional states, i.e., feelings of anger, anxiety, lethargy, peace, numbness, exhiliaration, etc. 
NOTE: Chemtrails which drop various toxic substances can affect all these things as well. No one has the definitive answer to this horror either.
If you were able to answer more than one of the above in the affirmative, you might want to take a look at the following: 
To post a personal story, the site for that is the Mind Control Forum at: 

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