Santa Rosa, CA Hit by a Classified Energy Weapon or GeoEngineered Fire Storm? — Or Both
Fires in California were not “wild”, they were caused
Jim Stone, Freelance Journalist
October 2017
around in California, the effects of the system in use were easily observed.
1. Some people got heart palpitations from having their bodies charged.
2. MANY MANY people saw electrical flashes that made no thunder in perfectly clear blue sky, and worse, some people even saw small sparks everywhere in the air around them.
3. MOST DAMNING: People are reporting that their electronics malfunctioned before the fires hit, with the most pronounced and spoken about malfunction being at a hotel, where ALL of the electrical systems in the hotel malfunctioned, including the electronic access doors, forcing people to jump from windows (because they could not leave their rooms) to escape an approaching fire that instantly appeared out of nowhere in perfect weather.
It is very important to make note of the malfunctioning doors, because a simple power outage will not stop those from working. Something jammed the circuits in the doors.
Simultaneously the hotel lost main power, generator backup, UPS backup, and local battery backup. Not even the always operational emergency hall lights worked. That would be totally consistent with a massively potent EM weapon causing complete electronic malfunction because not even the circuits in the emergency backup lighting that turn it on (which operate independent of everything off of a small battery right in the light itself), not even circuits at that small level worked.
Little or no warning before sudden fire devastation
Glass melting it would take 2900 temp to melt
2 inch debris of homes including melted metal
only the homes etc. gone not trees
Forest fires range around the temp of 1100
Proof after proof shows the use of MASER Technology developed by Boeing.
240 Missing in California Wine Country Fires - Breitbart
Eric Sevareid, Ted Koppel, William Safire and Liz Trotta; former Ambassadors Robert Neumann, Elliott Richardson and James Lilly; the late John Mitchell, attorney general in the Nixon administration; Mr. Casey and other CIA officials, including Ray Cline, former deputy director of intelligence for the agency; former Lt. Gen. Daniel O. Graham, an expert on the Strategic Defense Initiative who now heads High Frontier Inc.; Sen. John Glenn, Ohio Democrat, and Sen. Frank Murkowski, Alaska Republican; and Joseph diGenova, former U.S. attorney in Washington, and his wife, Victoria Toensing, a former deputy assistant attorney general.
Arnaud de Borchgrave, editor-in-chief of The Times, attended a party for Mr. Lilly hosted by Mr. Spence at the former lobbyist's Kalorama home.
Reginald A. deGauldre
Etsusaburo Shiina, who was a former LDP kingmaker 
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