A strong trine of four (4) planets in the healing water signs is a  positive signal that "help is on the way" for those concerned about matters of justice and survival. There can be a LOT of sympathetic support, compassion, and financial assistance available, especially for family members in need. There are eight (8) planets in only four consecutive signs so one area of your life may be very busy and complex, and another part of your life may be extremely quiet or stagnant. Although some people or organizations will argue vehemently about the size of a financial aid package or who will administer it - the money will be there to help victims of fires and floods rebuild. The Greedy will yell the loudest - but it is the truly needy who will be the real survivors because there will be so many helping hands to aid them. NOTE: America was built with "helping hands" and as long as that spirit prevails - America's greatness will flourish
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Episode S6E47
Broadcast Week Oct 15th 2017
Duration 00:26:00
Audience Rating TV-G
Genre Forecast
Theme Well-being & Lifestyle
Language English
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