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Where is the prosecution?  Let's take a look at the DOJ so called 'ETHICS'
The 4th Circuit Court of Appeals has ordered, in violation of Federal Law, the removal of a WW1 Memorial Cross commemorating the deaths of 49 US Soldiers despite it being on the National Historic Registry.
Fourth and Ninth Curcuit Court of Appeals went against Trump with not one current judge appointed by trump.  Though Trump nominated more judges than Obama, Bush and Clinton in 200 days. Nominees are waiting for approval
As of October 16, 2017, the United States Senate has confirmed: 
7 Article III judges nominated by Trump include only
1 Associate Justice of the Supreme Court
4 judges for the United States Courts of Appeals 
2 judges for the United States district courts
0 judges for the United States Court of International Trade.
51 nominations to Article III courts awaiting Senate action, including 
14 for the Courts of Appeals  
37 for the District Courts
21 vacancies on the U.S. Courts of Appeals, 
121 vacancies on the U.S. district courts, 
2 vacancies on the U.S. Court of International Trade
17 announced federal judicial vacancies that will occur before the end of Trump's first term.
Trump has not made any recess appointments to the federal courts.
In terms of Article I courts, as of October 3, 2017, the Senate has confirmed 3 judges Veterans Claims nominated by Trump. 
6 nominations to Article I courts awaiting  of which:
2 for the United States Tax Court 
3 for the United States Court of Federal Claims 
1 for the United States Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces. 
0 United States Court of Military Commission Review. Trump designated Susan G. Braden as chief judge of the Court of Federal Claims.
0 Article IV territorial courts, Trump has not made any appointments or elevated any judges to the position of chief judge.
As for Los Vegas false flag:
1) There are no bullet holes in the last False Flag in Nevada?
2) At least 16 Gun Control Acts in Congress were submitted - fully written - within hours of the False Flag.
3) Guess who submitted the Treasonous story to Buzz Feed about the Russians controlling the US Elections?
Yup Traitor Senator McCain.
4) Finally - in a most telling comment - General Kelley discussed the loss of a US Soldier and President Trumps call to her and how a Democratic Congresswoman who was not at her house listened in on the call.
And teh media claiming Trump lying and Congresswoman - well see for yourself:
So how did the Congresswoman get to listen in on the call if she was not there?
Why is this Congresswoman not in Jail General Kelley?
"Senior Ethics Committee"  Who are they?  Nothing found by this author to be called that.  So let's take a look at:
Ethics Officials
Office of the Attorney General Jeff Sessions Started with US Attorney's Office when about 34 within 7 years of Graduating with JD.
Office of Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein , started with the Department of Justice when he was about 25 years old.  He has served under five presidents, and he was one of only three U.S. attorneys—out of 93 nationwide—asked to stay on when the White House switched hands from George W. Bush to Barack Obama. 
Rosenstein was recruited to a team of prosecutors that handled the Whitewater Development Corporation investigation, the case that looked into Bill and Hillary Clinton’s business dealings with an associate
Office of the Associate Attorney General Rachel Brand 27 started now 44
She served as Assistant Attorney General for the Office of Legal Policy in the George W. Bush administration and was appointed by President Barack Obama to serve on the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board.
Office of the Solicitor General Noel John Francisco Directly out of Law school in 1996 from the University of Chicago Law School. After law school, Francisco served as a law clerk for Judge J. Michael Luttig of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, and then for Associate Justice Antonin Scalia of the U.S. Supreme Court during the 1997 term.
Office of Public Affairs Sarah Isgur Flores 
One of the Most Influential Latinos in Politics — but She’s Not Latino after JD 2008  National Republican Senatorial Committee as legal counsel, then quickly transitioned to the U.S. Court of Appeals "
Office of Tribal Justice Tracy Toulou
He began his career with the Department as an attorney in the Criminal Division.
worked for the U.S. Agency for International Development and the U.S. Peace Corps in Africa, Central America and the Caribbean. He is a descendant of the Colville Confederated Tribes located in Washington State.
Justice Management Division Lee J. Lofthus Federal Prison Industries, Inc
Unicor David D. Spears, Chairman
Office of Attorney Recruitment and Management
Jamila Frone Director of OARM since September 2014. In this capacity, Ms. Frone provides management and program oversight of legal recruitment and outreach, suitability and background investigations, FBI Whistleblower cases, attorney disciplinary matters, and policy issues.Donald R. Elliott, Vice Chairman[2] Revenue $498,405,000 (2016) 
Net income $44,180,000 (2016) Owner Federal Bureau of Prisons
Cynthia K. Shaw, Director
Departmental Ethics Office
Erica Dornburg, Deputy Director
Tristan Bramble, Attorney Advisor
Rochelle W. Ford, Attorney Advisor
Monica Felter, Ethics Program Specialist
Antitrust Division
Nina B. Hale
Ethics Officer
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives
Joel J. Roessner
Deputy Chief Counsel
Bureau of Prisons
Jerome (Sam) Tarver
Associate General Counsel
Civil Division
Michael Granston
Chief Counsel, Fraud Section
Civil Rights Division
John Buchko
Deputy Chief
Community Relations Service
Antoinette Barksdale
General Counsel
C.O.P.S. Program
Jenny Wu
Deputy General Counsel, Employment and Ethics
Criminal Division  
Robin Gold
Andrew Weissmann Selected as Chief of Criminal Division's Fraud Section
Drug Enforcement Administration
Wendy Goggin
Chief Counsel
Environment and Natural Resources Division
Karen Wardzinski
Chief, Law and Policy Section
Executive Office for Immigration Review  *** See:;article=158322
Brigette Frantz
Associate General Counsel
Executive Office for Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Forces
Departmental Ethics Office
Executive Office for United States Attorneys
Jay Macklin
General Counsel
Executive Office for United States Trustees
Ramona Elliott
General Counsel
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Patrick W. Kelley
Deputy Designated Agency Ethics Official
Foreign Claims Settlement Commission
Brian Simkin
Chief Counsel
INTERPOL-United States National Central Bureau
Kevin Smith
General Counsel
National Security Division 
Arianne Tice
Special Counsel
Office of Information Policy
Vanessa Brinkmann
Office of the Inspector General
William Blier
General Counsel
Office of Justice Programs
Charles Moses
Deputy General Counsel
Office of Legal Counsel
Daniel L. Koffsky
Special Counsel
Office of Legal Policy
Kevin R. Jones
Deputy Assistant Attorney General
Office of Legislative Affairs
Kenneth Kellner
Special Counsel
Office of the Pardon Attorney
Rosalind Sargent Burns
Senior Attorney Advisor
Office of Professional Responsibility
Mark Fraase
Assistant Counsel
Office on Violence Against Women
Jennifer Kaplan
Professional Responsibility Advisory Office 
Robert Berger
Tax Division
Eileen Shatz
Senior Legislative Counsel
United States Marshals Service
Gerald Auerbach
General Counsel
United States Parole Commission
Gregory J. Thornton
Assistant General Counsel
Updated September 29, 2017
Lorenzo  Encenarro  begin at one minute
AG Jeff Sessions knows Joe Biden is a pedophile
Why is there NO PROSECUTION???
Sessions Could Free the Uranium 1 FBI Informant from Gag Order\l " 
There have been stories over the past couple of years regarding the controversial Uranium One deal approved in 2010 by ... that Jeff Sessions remove the ...on\l " 
Oct 19, 2017 · Sessions might probe Hillary Clinton’s involvement in the Uranium One deal. Engaged in all the specifics in the face of the Clinton-Uranium One scandal
Jeff Sessions recuses himself from Trump campaign ...
Which mean the decision was up to Rod Rosensteirn
Rod Rosenstein’s Letter Appointing Mueller Special Counsel ...
This is a LIST of 4th Circuit Judges that have gone against
the Travel Ban repeatedly - NOTE not one appointed by 
40 Chief Judge Roger Gregory Richmond, VA 1953 2000–present 2016–present —Clinton /G.W. Bush
29 Circuit Judge J. Harvie Wilkinson III Charlottesville, VA 1944 1984–present —Reagan
32 Circuit Judge Paul V. Niemeyer Baltimore, MD 1941 1990–present —G.H.W. Bush
37 Circuit Judge Diana Gribbon Motz Baltimore, MD 1943  1994–present—Clinton
38 Circuit Judge William Byrd Traxler Jr. Greenville, SC 1948   1998–present—Clinton
39 Circuit Judge Robert Bruce King Charleston, WV 1940   1998–present—Clinton
41 Circuit Judge Dennis Shedd Columbia, SC 1953 2002–present —G.W. Bush
42 Circuit Judge Allyson Kay Duncan Raleigh, NC 1951 2003–present —G.W. Bush
43 Circuit Judge G. Steven Agee Salem, VA 1952 2008–present —G.W. Bush
45 Circuit Judge Barbara Milano Keenan Alexandria, VA 1950 2010–present —Obama
46 Circuit Judge James A. Wynn Jr. Raleigh, NC 1954 2010–present —Obama
47 Circuit Judge Albert Diaz Charlotte, NC 1960 2010–present —Obama
48 Circuit Judge Henry Franklin Floyd Spartanburg, SC 1947 2011–present —Obama
49 Circuit Judge Stephanie Thacker Charleston, WV 1965 2012–present —Obama
50 Circuit Judge Pamela Harris Bethesda, MD 1962 2014–present —Obama
28 Senior Judge Robert F. Chapman inactive 1926 1981–present Reagan
33 Senior Judge Clyde H. Hamilton Columbia, SC 1934 1991–present G.H.W. Bush
The Oregon situation clarified by Lazaro Encenarro.
We have discussed the Jefferson County none prosecution of  the death of the Poulsbo Electrician Business owner.
The heart attacks of three people the same day the Clorine was put into the Coyle District three water source.
The HARASSMENT of Michael Shupe and taking of his property particularly the boats that meant so much to him. And demanding he pay tens of thousands of dollars for the privilege.  Not to mention the so called on going Mr. Bell (President of Coyle Community Club) Letter to cause as much damage and create further huge expense to Michael Shupe living on a few hundred dollars a month.  Mr. Bell have you ever heard of helping your neighbor? Oh that is right you don't even live there, do you? You are just in charge of creating a monopoly of Water, Electric and so on to use to devastate the real habitants of Coyle. 
But then Michael Shupe is by no means alone in the harassment you are dishing out is he?  
Folks take a look at this picture of the Dock at Coyle.  It was filled with boats ready to enjoy this outstandingly beautiful area.
Jefferson County 'Courts' is this some more of your so called 'JUSTice?'
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