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12 Shocking Facts About Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller was originally published on Washington’s Blog
[Mueller] is also known for leading the probe into the 1991 collapse of the Luxembourg-registered Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI).  Between $5 billion and $15 billion was bilked from governments and individual depositors to be put to the most evil of purposes — while lawmen and regulators slept.
Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau, who gave impetus to long-contained probes, told a Senate subcommittee headed by Senator John Kerry that he is getting no cooperation from the Thornburgh Justice Department.
Justice’s Criminal Division chief, Robert Mueller, tells me he will have a hatchet-burying session with the independent-minded D.A. next week, and vehemently denies having told British intelligence to stop cooperating with the Manhattan grand jury.
Under Assistant Attorney General Mueller, the Department assigned nearly three dozen attorneys to the case. During 1992, the Department brought several indictments, which remained narrower, less detailed and, at times, seemingly in response to the efforts of District Attorney Robert Morgenthau of New York, the Federal Reserve, or both
Suddenly, on August 22, Dennis Saylor, chief assistant to Assistant Attorney General Mueller, called Lehtinen and, according to the US Attorney, “indicated to me that I was directed not to return the indictment.”
The Senate Report also noted:
While the Justice Department’s handling of BCCI has received substantial criticism, the office of Robert Morgenthau, District Attorney of New York, has generally received credit for breaking open the BCCI investigation.
In going after BCCI, Morgenthau’s office quickly found that in addition to fighting off the bank, it would receive resistance from almost every other institution or entity connected to BCCI, including at various times, BCCI’s multitude of prominent and politically well-connected lawyers, BCCI’s accountants, BCCI’s shareholders, the Bank of England, the British Serious Fraud Office, and the U.S. Department of Justice.
Squashing Warning Signs that May Have Stopped 9/11
Larry Klayman writes:
Robert Mueller first hit my radar … just months before the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the World Trade Center.
I came to meet and later represent FBI Special Agents Robert Wright and John Vincent, of the agency’s Chicago Counter-Terrorism Field Office. During our meeting, both Special Agents Wright and Vincent revealed to me that they had been conducting a counterterrorism investigation of Saudi money laundering into and in the United States, and they both believed that a massive terrorist attack was imminent.
In the course of this investigation, both special agents had asked a fellow FBI agent who was undercover, one of Muslim descent, to be wired to turn up further evidence of this terrorist operation. The Muslim agent refused, indignantly telling both Wright and Vincent that Muslims don’t spy and rat on other Muslims. In shock, my soon-to-be clients reported this to their supervisors at the FBI, but no action was taken. To make matters worse, Wright’s and Vincent’s FBI supervisors quashed their investigation. They both believed that the order to kill the investigation came from the highest reaches of the FBI, and, upset it not outraged by this cover-up, Wright then decided to write a book detailing this breach of FBI honor.
The only way I could explain this cover-up was that then-FBI Director Robert Mueller was sensitive to the ties between the family of President George W. Bush and the Saudi royal family.
Director Mueller, along with his “yes men” supervisors at the agency, not only quashed my clients’ investigation and ignored the disloyalty of the Muslim undercover agent, but then missed the warning signs leading up to September 11 – the biggest intelligence failure in American history, even surpassing Pearl Harbor.
But shamelessly, despite this historic intelligence failure and the World Trade Center terrorist attacks that ensued, Mueller later led an effort to drum both Special Agents Wright and Vincent out of the FBI, in part by attempting to remove their security clearances, as a “reward” for their candor.
FBI special agent – and a 2002 Time Person of the Year – Colleen Rowley points out:
The FBI and all the other officials claimed that there were no clues, that they had no warning [about 9/11] etc., and that was not the case. There had been all kinds of memos and intelligence coming in.
But overwhelming evidence shows that 9/11 was foreseeable. Indeed, Al Qaeda crashing planes into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon was itself foreseeable. Even the chair of the 9/11 Commission said that the attack was preventable.
Mueller was one of the people who dropped the ball and let 9/11 happen.
Allowed Escape of Saudi Persons Connected to Bin Laden
Right after 9/11, American airspace was closed down. Yet Mueller was one of the people who allowed relatives of Bin Laden and other persons of interest fly back to Saudi Arabia.
Post 9/11 Round-Ups
Rowley notes:
In the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, Mueller directed the “post 9/11 round-up” of about 1,000 immigrants who mostly happened to be in the wrong place (the New York City area) at the wrong time. FBI Headquarters encouraged more and more detentions for what seemed to be essentially P.R. purposes. Field offices were required to report daily the number of detentions in order to supply grist for FBI press releases about FBI “progress” in fighting terrorism. Consequently, some of the detainees were brutalized and jailed for up to a year despite the fact that none turned out to be terrorists.
9/11 Cover Up
Rowley says:
TIME Magazine would probably have not called my own disclosures a “bombshell memo” to the Joint Intelligence Committee Inquiry in May 2002 if it had not been for Mueller’s having so misled everyone after 9/11.
In addition, Rowley says that the FBI sent Soviet-style “minders” to her interviews with the Joint Intelligence Committee investigation of 9/11, to make sure that she didn’t say anything the FBI didn’t like. The chairs of both the 9/11 Commission and the Official Congressional Inquiry into 9/11 confirmed that government “minders” obstructed the investigation into 9/11 by intimidating witnesses (and see this).
Mueller’s FBI also obstructed the 9/11 investigation in many other ways. For example, an FBI informant hosted and rented a room to two hijackers in 2000. Specifically, investigators for the Congressional Joint Inquiry discovered that an FBI informant had hosted and even rented a room to two hijackers in 2000 and that, when the Inquiry sought to interview the informant, the FBI refused outright, and then hid him in an unknown location. See this and this.
Harper’s notes:
Bob Graham, the former chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, told me recently that Robert Mueller, then the FBI director (and now the special counsel investigating connections between Russia and the Trump campaign) made “the strongest objections” to Jacobson and his colleagues visiting San Diego.
Graham and his team defied Mueller’s efforts, and Jacobson flew west. There he discovered that his hunch was correct. The FBI files in California were replete with extraordinary and damning details …
Nevertheless, Mueller adamantly refused their demands to interview him, even when backed by a congressional subpoena, and removed Shaikh to an undisclosed location ‘for his own safety.’
Graham also wrote that the FBI also “insisted that we could not, even in the most sanitized manner, tell the American people that an FBI informant had a relationship with two of the hijackers.”
And Kristen Breitweiser – one of the four 9/11 widows instrumental in forcing the government to form the 9/11 Commission to investigate the 2001 attacks – points out:
Mueller and other FBI officials had purposely tried to keep any incriminating information specifically surrounding the Saudis out of the Inquiry’s investigative hands. To repeat, there was a concerted effort by the FBI and the Bush Administration to keep incriminating Saudi evidence out of the Inquiry’s investigation. And for the exception of the 29 full pages, they succeeded in their effort.
Anthrax Frame-Up
Mueller also presided over the incredibly flawed anthrax investigation.
The U.S. Government Accountability Office says the FBI’s investigation was “flawed and inaccurate”. The investigation was so bogus that a senator called for an “independent review and assessment of how the FBI handled its investigation in the anthrax case.”
The head of the FBI’s anthrax investigation says the whole thing was a sham. He says that the FBI higher-ups “greatly obstructed and impeded the investigation”, that there were “politically motivated communication embargoes from FBI Headquarters”.
The FBI’s anthrax investigation head said that the FBI framed scientist Bruce Ivins. On July 6, 2006, he filed a whistleblower report of mismanagement to the FBI’s Deputy Director pursuant to Title 5, United States Code, Section 2303, which noted:
(j) the FBI’s fingering of Bruce Ivins as the anthrax mailer; and, (k) the FBI’s subsequent efforts to railroad the prosecution of Ivins in the face of daunting exculpatory evidence.
Following the announcement of its circumstantial case against Ivins, Defendants DOJ and FBI crafted an elaborate perception management campaign to bolster their assertion of Ivins’ guilt. These efforts included press conferences and highly selective evidentiary presentations which were replete with material omissions.
In other words, Mueller presided over the attempt to frame an innocent man (and see this).
Unsure About Assassination of U.S. Citizens Living On U.S. Soil
Rather than saying “of course not!”, Mueller said that he wasn’t sure whether Obama had the right to assassinate Americans living on American soil.
Constitutional expert Jonathan Turley commented at the time:
One would hope that the FBI Director would have a handle on a few details guiding his responsibilities, including whether he can kill citizens without a charge or court order.
He appeared unclear whether he had the power under the Obama Kill Doctrine or, in the very least, was unwilling to discuss that power. For civil libertarians, the answer should be easy: “Of course, I do not have that power under the Constitution.”
Spying on Americans
Mueller participated in one of the greatest expansions of mass surveillance in human history.
As we noted in 2013:
NBC News reports:
NBC News has learned that under the post-9/11 Patriot Act, the government has been collecting records on every phone call made in the U.S.
On March 2011, FBI Director Robert Mueller told the Senate Judiciary Committee:
We put in place technological improvements relating to the capabilities of a database to pull together past emails and future ones as they come in so that it does not require an individualized search.
Remember, the FBI – unlike the CIA – deals with internal matters within the borders of the United States. 
On May 1st of this year, former FBI agent Tim Clemente told CNN’s Erin Burnett that all present and past phone calls were recorded:
BURNETT: Tim, is there any way, obviously, there is a voice mail they can try to get the phone fcompanies to give that up at this point. It’s not a voice mail. It’s just a conversation. There’s no way they actually can find out what happened, right, unless she tells them?
CLEMENTE: “No, there is a way. We certainly have ways in national security investigations to find out exactly what was said in that conversation. It’s not necessarily something that the FBI is going to want to present in court, but it may help lead the ainvestigation and/or lead to questioning of her. We certainly can find that out.
BURNETT: “So they can actually get that? People are saying, look, that is incredible.
CLEMENTE: “No, welcome to America. All of that stuff is being captured as we speak whether we know it or like it or not.”
The next day, Clemente again appeared on CNN, this time with host Carol Costello, and she asked him about those remarks. He reiterated what he said the night before but added expressly that “all digital communications in the past” are recorded and stored:
NSA whistleblowers say that this means that the NSA collects “word for word” all of our communications. 
Colleen Rowley writes:
Mueller’s FBI was also severely criticized by Department of Justice Inspector Generals finding the FBI overstepped the law improperly serving hundreds of thousands of “national security letters” to obtain private (and irrelevant) metadata on citizens, and for infiltrating nonviolent anti-war groups under the guise of investigating “terrorism.”
Rowley also points out:
Mueller was even okay with the CIA conducting torture programs after his own agents warned against participation. Agents were simply instructed not to document such torture, and any “war crimes files” were made to disappear. Not only did “collect it all” surveillance and torture programs continue, but Mueller’s (and then Comey’s) FBI later worked to prosecute NSA and CIA whistleblowers who revealed these illegalities.
Iraq War
Rowley notes:
When you had the lead-up to the Iraq War … Mueller and, of course, the CIA and all the other directors, saluted smartly and went along with what Bush wanted, which was to gin up the intelligence to make a pretext for the Iraq War. For instance, in the case of the FBI, they actually had a receipt, and other documentary proof, that one of the hijackers, Mohamed Atta, had not been in Prague, as Dick Cheney was alleging. And yet those directors more or less kept quiet. That included … CIA, FBI, Mueller, and it included also the deputy attorney general at the time, James Comey.
Covering Up for Turkish Terrorists
Sibel Edmonds, a former FBI translator who has been deemed credible by the Department of Justice’s Inspector General, several senators (free subscription required), and a coalition of prominent conservative and liberal groups, who the ACLU described as “The most gagged person in the history of the United States of America”, and who famed Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg says possesses information “far more explosive than the Pentagon Papers”, says that Mueller covered up a Turkish terror network.
Gagging Whistleblowers
Edmonds also said that Mueller gagged her and other whistleblowers.
Rather than being “above the fray”, Mueller is an authoritarian and water-carrier for the status quo and the powers-that-be.
As Coleen Rowley puts it:
Mueller was chosen as Special Counsel not because he has integrity but because he will do what the powerful want him to do.
Mueller didn’t speak the truth about a war he knew to be unjustified. He didn’t speak out against torture. He didn’t speak out against unconstitutional surveillance. And he didn’t tell the truth about 9/11. He is just “their man.”
The English Royal family, just like other Royals & leaders of most developed countries & probably of others as well, is plagued with pedophile behaviors. 
Why? Because just like most of our world leaders, the English Royal family members are Satanists. 
Due to that fact, they’re of course pedophiles. It is also interesting to know the Queen, just like all her descendants consume huge amounts of pure cocaine each day, by the kilos per month. 
We also know two of prior Prime ministers, Harold Wilson & Edward Heath, practiced children’s sacrifices, which are a must for a freak out Satanist. Heath really enjoyed his trips to Jersey’s orphanage where he killed several children. He could also be found at the Kincora Boys Home, linked to the Hellfire Club, & at the Elm Guest House as well. 
In 2008, Paul Kidd, a Buckingham Palace butler was also caught for rapes he committed on children for 30 years, while working for the Royal family. Of course no links were found between the pedophile ring he then created & the Royal family. One of the victim, then 14YO, testified he was taken by Kidd in the late 70’s for a tea with the Queen.
Jimmy Savile, who nowadays collects more than 450 complaints of abuses, has been introduced to Prince Charles by Lord Mountbatten in the late 70’s, which is about ten years from the time the first complaints on Savile appeared (in 1964). 
From then on, he became a close counselor of Prince Charles, advising him on the choice of a new assistant & even to his own wedding. He had free full entry at the Palace, where he behaved as usual: Like a dirty old pervert he was.
Jimmy also practicednecrophilia [9], as well as satanic rituals. Facts witnessed by several victims. No wonder the body of a young woman was found at his apartment’s doorstep on the morning of February the 5th, 1977. His friendship with serial killer Peter Sutcliff, who confessed to the murder, & their geographic proximities before he was sent to Broadmoor, one of the mental institute Savile had access to, can raise due questions. 
Savile’s nephew Guy Mardsen recently told he was taken as a young boy by his uncle, to orgies with powerful people, where he was asked to bring younger friends for “entertainment”.

[1] Allen explained during the trial he had payed between 7 to 8.000£ to Leander & Adrian . 
[2] The most difficult children payed more, Allen brought far more children into his homes than what they could actually sustain. Same with the urgency placements. According to this pecuniary logic (which is the same in France where all those private associations are making their doe on the children’s backs… While advising Courts to place the children), the children usually stayed about two to three years in Allen’s homes. 
[3] His son Thomas even payed an emprisoned pedophile caught in this affair a visit, to ask him not to give the ring up and that he would intervene for him to his father. He was a pedophile (& the police knew it perfectly welll, though his favourite victim was never protected from him) and died of AIDS in 1993. 
[4] It was Queen Victoria who decided to send her grandson to Germany, where he would come back as duke of Saxe Coburg Gotha, the german principality her husband Prince Albert originated from . At 16 Yo he became Carl Edward, owning 13 castles in Germany and Austria etc. He got married with a dauhter of the Kaiser and fought England during the First World war, so that he lost all of his english titles in 1918. 
[5] The intake of certain drugs like cocaïne, which is a main addiction for the english royal family, can create a latente porphyria or increase the disease. 
[6] Some children from the Casa Pia, this portuguese orphanage which was used to supply children for sexual orgies, were groomed in this ring. 
[7] Which helped his assitant, Philip Lyon, to be cleared out of the way until 2003, when he got caught for downloading pedophiles pics. 
[8] Savile had his own flat in Stoke Mandeville hospital and also in Broadmoor, for which he called for a collect funds. He was regularly visiting the morgues alone, which leaves us thinking. He also had all the keys of Broadmoor (psychiatric hospital) where several rapes were commited. 
[9] Which made it all easier since he had all the keys of the places named before.

Sebastian County Case Number 16-924 states clear that the Victim Appellant
Court was already decided that Appellee owed the victim.  First they want to drastically cut the amoun he was already adjudicated to set the Apellant victim whole. 
After he lost 6 months for a $200 fine he plead ****NOT Guilty**** when demanding to drastically reduce the amount s owed him for forced jail time and was given no other option to explain. So the appeals 'court' comes up with no money is due the appellant victim since he plead guilty.  Now what is wrong with the court?  If they can not remember what was said in court wouldn't they be able to READ!!!  In toerh words money is much more important than doing what they know is right to do.  And take a look at the Sebastian county doubling the water bills and turning around and doubling them again???  All under the guise that they have a huge Federal fine for not doing what they were supposed to do years ago regaring the sewers etc..  Now what is really going on in Ft Smith Arkansas.  Where is the money actually going  Why is it so important for Sevastian county to go after this particular case?
It just so happened the Lawyer Johnathan R. Shulan from St. Louis MO (it seems that any other Attorney in a closer location was to scared) attor was accidented on his way to try to get justice for his client
His client just happened to be beat up right after the Sebasttian County said there was nothing that could be done to pay the judgement against them since the Lawyer didn't show up (he just happened to be in the hospital due to the 'accident.')

67. Alec Baldwin – TV Actor
Bullying and sexist behavior towards women.
66. David Guillod – Co-CEO Primary Wave Entertainment
Alleged sexual assault.
65. Unnamed Director
Alleged sexual harassment.
64. Adam Venit – Powerful Talent Agent
Suspended for allegedly groping Terry Crews.
63. NBCUniversal
Targeted in lawsuit over “inappropriate gender-based, sexual comments”
62. Kirt Webster – CEO Country Music Firm Webster PR
Multiple allegations of sexual harassment, assaulting and drugging a client.
61. Ryan Ly – CAA Agent
Fired over multiple allegations from female staffers, including groping.
60. Erik Horine – ICM Agent
Fired for “inappropriate behavior.”
59. John Grissom – Actor
Accused of molesting Corey Feldman.
58. Danny Masterson – Actor
Four accusations of rape.
57. David Corn – Reporter, Actor
Accusations of sexual touching of female staffers, rape jokes
56. Brett Ratner – Director, Powerhouse Producer Behind RatPac Entertai...
Multiple accusations of sexual assault, harassment.
55. Dustin Hoffman – Oscar-Winning Actor
Accused of sexual misconduct, groping of 17 year-old actress.
54. Jeremy Piven – Emmy Award Winning TV Star
Accused of sexually assaulting an actress.
53. Hamilton Fish – Documentary Film Producer 
Suspended over allegations of sexual harassment.
52. Andy Dick – Actor/Comedian
Fired over allegations of sexual harassment, groping.
51. Warner Bros.
Allegations of sexual harassment by former producer.
50. Andrew Kramer – Lionsgate Executive
Resigned due to allegations of sexual harassment.
49. Kevin Spacey – Oscar-winning Actor
Accused of attempting to seduce a 14 year-old boy.
48. Ken Baker – E! News correspondent
Accused of sexual misconduct and harassment.
47. Rick Najera – CBS Diversity Director
Fired over sexual harassment allegations.
46. Louis C.K. – Comedian, Filmmaker
Swirling rumors of sexual misconduct.
45. Mark Halperin – Journalist, TV Producer
Multiple accusations of inappropriate sexual conduct and harassment.
44. Robert Scoble – Tech writer
Allegations of sexual harassment.
Terry Richardson – Celebrity Photographer
Accusations of sexual harassment.
Roman Polanski – Oscar-Winning Director
Admitted child rapist. Four other women claim Polanski assaulted them as minors.
David O. Russell – Oscar-nominated Director
Accused of groping,on-set verbal and physical abuse.
Oliver Stone – Oscar-Winning Director
Accused of groping a woman at a party.
Ben Affleck – Actor, Oscar-Winning Director and Screenwriter
Multiple allegations of groping, one he apologized for.
Harvey Weinstein – Oscar-Winning Producer
Removed from the board of the company he co-founded due to dozens of accusations of sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, groping and rape.
James Toback – Director, Oscar-Nominated Screenwriter
Over 200 sexual harassment allegations.
Bob Weinstein – Oscar-Winning Producer
Accused of sexual harassing a former employee.
Harry Knowles – Founder of Ain’t It Cool News
Stepped down due to allegations of sexual harassment and groping.
Devin Faraci – Movie Writer at Birth.Death.Movies
Accused of sexual assault and harassment.
Roy Price – Head of Amazon Studios
Resigned due to allegations of sexual misconduct.
Twiggy Ramiriez – Bass Player for Marilyn Manson
Accused of raping a former girlfriend.
Tyler Grasham – Talent Agent
Resigned due to allegations of sexual harassment and sexual assault from his male, underage clients. .
Netflix – One of the Most Powerful Companies In Entertainment
Settled $1.5 million sexual harassment claim filed by a heterosexual male executive who says he was harassed by male and female superiors.
Lockhart Steele – Media Director at Vox
Fired over allegations of sexual harassment.
Andy Signore – Creator of Honest Trailers
Fired due to numerous allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct.
David Blaine – Superstar Magician
Accused of drugging and raping a 21 year-old model.
1. Gilbert Rozon – 1. Judge on France’s Got Talent
Suspended over sexual harassment claims.
Rupert Myers – British GQ Writer
Fired over allegations of sexual assault.
John Besh – Celebrity Chef
Accused of sexual assault and harassment.
Shadie Elnashai – Cinefamily Executive
Fired over allegations of rape and harassment.
Hadrian Belove – Cinefamily Executive
Resigned over allegations of sexual harassment.
1. Woody Allen – Oscar-Winning Screenwriter and Director
Accusations of child molestations. No charges were filed after an investigation.
Steven Seagal – Actor
Allegations of sexual harassment.
Chris Savino – Creator of Nickelodeon’s Loud House
Fired over allegations of sexual harassment.
1. Bill Cosby – Iconic Comedian, Actor
Dozens of accusations of drugging and raping women.
Below are those accused abusers who so far remain unnamed…
1. The pigs who 1. preyed on 13 year-old Molly Ringwald.
2. The monster who 2. sexually assaulted nine year-old America Ferrera.
3. The music executives who 3. abused and allowed the abuse of Kaya Jones.
4. The director who 4. sexually assaulted 16-year-old Reese Witherspoon.
5. The director who 5. harassed and punished Björk.
6. The men who 6. sexually assaulted Corey Haim and Corey Feldman as children.
7. The man who 7. assaulted Terry Crews.
8. The men who 8. assaulted James Van Der Beek.
9. The countless, unnamed “9. predators” in the fashion industry.
10. The man who 10. sexually assaulted 16-year-old Laura Dern.
11. The doctor who 11. molested a 13-year-old McKayla Maroney.
12. The TV executive who 12. assaulted Maureen Ryan.
13. These 13. harassers.
14. This 14. A-List animal.
15. Lady Gaga’s 15. abuser.
16. Gabrielle Union’s 16. abuser.
17. The producer who declared a 15-year-old Jennifer Lawrence “17. f**kable.”
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