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November 13, 2017   Patricia JHS to Don Grahn, Call4Investigation -
Kevin Spacey, Bryan Singer and German spy and pedophile former CIA Director George Herbert Walker Bush have all been indicted in the state of Nevada on charges of child sex trafficking and pedophilia with a direct link to the Saudi Royal Family.
Illegal year 2000 White House occupant, Nazi junior George W. Bush, mentally ill lesbian, sociopath Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton, and her husband, CIA stooge and sexual predator and rapist, William Jefferson Clinton ARE NEXT!
Note: Nazi junior George W. Bush will be charged with child sex trafficking   - -Satanic cult that was operating in Brownsville, Texas in the 1980s.
Nazi junior Bush will also be indicted by a Tennessee Federal Grand Jury for criminal - -HIGH TREASON involving the 9/11 Black Op - - electoral fraud aka the hacking of the year 2000 U.S. Presidential Election directed from the Texas Governor’s mansion at 7:58 p.m. CST election night 2000.
The two Clintons, along with both of the Podesta brothers, are now tied to not only child sex trafficking but massive HIGH TREASON involving the sell of U.S. property to a foreign government, including direct collusion with a foreign sovereign aka the Satanist pedophile British Monarchy.
The Federal Grand Jury in Tennessee have also issued warrants for the arrest of former CIA Director Nazi John Brennan, former NSA Chief James Clapper, current U.S. Senator Robert Corker, Republican of Tennessee, as well as current alleged Special Counsel former BushFRAUD and ObamaFRAUD FBI Director Nazi German spy Robert Mueller.
Reference: Mueller is now directly tied to the noted Kurt Becker Hamburg, Germany terror cell which helped script Nazi junior George W. BushFRAUD’s Adolf Hitler’s Reichstag Fire style 9/11 attack on the American People.
And for quick reference here are the 33 from DC.
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they already cut a deal with Podesta. Gave him immunity. Just like they did with Hillary and all her cohorts. This is a coup. Sessions needs to go. Anonymous
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was just trying to find the court docket and stumbled into the RSS feed here
found several cases filed under "Sealed" including names and a couple other names that peaked interest including "Sweigart v. Podesta.. What does it mean?
RSS Feed where data is pulled –
1:15-cv-00708 HUSAIN v. WARREN
1:17-cv-02187 BEAN LLC v. JOHN DOE BANK
1:17-cv-02187 BEAN LLC v. JOHN DOE BANK
1:17-cv-01060 SCHIRRIPA v. OSTROFF
1:17-cr-00056-1 USA v. DAVIS
1:17-cr-00048-1 USA v. PARKS et al
1:13-cv-01777 LOCKS v. LEW
1:15-cv-00708 HUSAIN v. WARREN
1:17-cv-00797 GREENWALD v. PRICE et al
RABBANI et al v. BUSH et al
1:17-cv-02330 SWEIGERT et al v. PODESTA et al (George Webb?)
Virginia Mason
Mary Maxwell Gates
Dr. James Coburn would not let me go to my Grandmother's funeral. He acted like he was scared to let me out of his control.  And possibly have someone else deliver.
At first Dr. Coburn told me and it was confirmed by the nurse and ultra sound that twins were to arrive about May 2 1973.  (Johnny Gosch website shows 1972 however, it should be 1973.)
Then Dr. Coburn said no you are not having twins, yet the nurse came in after the doctor left the room and talked about the twins. But she was given the high sign to say the birth would be only one child.
The size indicated most definitely twins were coming. each of them full size in the 8 pound range.  Not being allowed to know the weigh of the first born it is uncertain to this day.
Now why this was said was due to the first born twin was kidnapped out of the delivery room by Mary Maxwell Gates.  With Dr. Coburn's approval to do so.  The baby was taken to the left of the delivery table through a door into a room next to the delivery room.  Never to see my child for quite some time.  
Oh yes, eventually the twins were exchanged when one became taller and or developed at a different pace.  It appeared Dr. Mengela wanted to keep their progress as similar as possible for his experimentation.  
Cop returned David really or was it an exchange?
It's a 'Small World' ride in Disneyland
[see the priests studying two boys on
go the about the middle way down.
Then go down further to what looks like three boys on a bed.  The middle one is my son and Johnny Gosch is photo shopped in on the right side of my son.  This was taken right after he was kidnapped the night of March 31, 1985/April 1, 1985 in the bedroom of the white trailer located on the border of King and Snohomish counties.

Terryle did not seem even interested to know that David was not there or he already knew that David was not at 20426 Damson Dr. Lynnwood, WA .  
Calling around to David's friends information finally surfaced that he and his friend Jimmy Gibson participated in a scavenger hunt which led back the the white trailer.
Though the police were no help whatsoever, at least when most likely accidently driving by the white trailer the kidnappers became nervous and finally pushed a twin out the door of the trailer at first daylight.  Yes, it was all night trying to deal with that trailer guys to get my son back.  
Yet, the twin returned to me was my son, just not the one most recently kidnapped.  There were several proofs of this anyone wanting to investigate this further can get a list of items to check.
Ricky Nelson:
Had identical twin boys Matthew and Gunnar Nelson
Was David's favorite performer
It appears to make David happy he was introduced to Ricky Nelson in late 1985.

1989 Larry King Jr. the head of the Franklin Credit Union
Looked me up in Lynnwood WA
Senator John Decamp wrote about Craig J Spence envolvement in the pedophile cover up of the 1989 Washington DC White House  middle of the night tours for call boys.
you will find that the boy calling himself Ricky was taken to meet Ted Koppel (born in Lancaster England) meets David finds out he is the first born son of the Direct Heir of the House of David/Stuart (the actual monarchy of England) called himself 'Ricky' (David Ricky Nelson's brother's name) was the name used by boy taken through the WH
5-19-1989 - A federal grand jury charges Lawrence E. King Jr. with 40 felony counts. His wife, Alice, was indicted on 12 charges. Three employees of Franklin who sold certificates of deposit on commission were indicted on income-tax-evasion charges.
Bodies by God/ Dream Boys was the name of the call boy groups of the Seattle Tacoma area of Washington.
Larry King Jr goes to prison but not for pedophilia 
2005 a 15 year old boy by the name of Larry Forbes King was murdered.  Was that a warning to Larry King Jr. NOT to TALK?

August 31, 1997 murder of Diana pictures found of Diana in a photo close to my son wnen she was workiing on 'Land mine' elimination project.  Then another photo that looked like my son boarding the private jet Dodi and Diana were taking to Paris on that fateful day.  September 1 the following day Diana was supposed to make a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!  
Sister Teresa had looked up some information at the Vatican Archives and shared it with Princess Diana.  Note Sister Teresa ended up dead September 5, 1997 right before Princess Diana's funeral on September 6, 1997.
1999 Jack Abramoff 
May 2, 2000 David shows up in backseat of car Andanson driving. 
May 4, 2000  James Adanson shot in head and found in his burnt out car.
Through internet, radio and TV  started to question and bring out evidence. About the kidnappings of not only my son but many others.  Including the Green River Killing of many teenagers. 
October 11, 2001 Tom Wales murder regarding case number CV98 35303  My court case now Lorenzo Del Rosario started it and my name Patricia JHS was added.
Saturday, March 25, 2006, Huff entered a rave after-party and opened fire, killing six and wounding two.
Capitol Hill massacre -  22nd and Republican  March 24 2006, 
It was no mistake that Lowe just happened to live across the street.  Something was found at the screne which was a toy that looks to be a message.
April 14, 2007  Mike Webb murdered on Queen Anne Hill an American radio personality. Originally a radio news reporter, he later became a liberal talk show host and activist. Webb was murdered in 2007.

July 20, 2007 Lorenzo Del Rosario was heart attacked and died. His heart was reported to have been suddenly EXPLODED!
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