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As for the 'marriage' of Prince Albert to Queen Victoria. 

There is much more than the TV Show 'Victoria' is telling you. 


Why no mention of Lord Elphiinstone?  And no mention of why Victoria was so upset with her mother.  The excuse was she was so kept as prisoner at Kensington.  However, it is common knowledge and easily provable that Victoria's mother took her on tour to make sure the public not only knew about Victoria but would have a better chance at being Queen by touring.

So why NO MENTION of Elphinstone, Lord Melbourne was the main love of her life?   First, why was Lord Elphinstone suddenly sent to India when he was a favorite of King William IV? 

 Who was Lord Elphinstone?  Queen Victoria married Lord Elphinstone by Proxi.  Victoria's mother declared the marriage to be not real.  

Crown Princess Royal Vicky was Elphistone's only child and was born well before the 'marriage' of Queen Victoria to Albert.  As you can tell by this painting in 1841 of Albert and Vicky.


How many one year old children do you know of that would stand for a painting petting a dog.  And do you think a young child. would not be close to her father if Albert was her real father?  


Supposedly Crown Princess Royal Victoria was born in 21 November1840?   

Then her 'brother' was born 9 November 1941? 


As for the illegitimacy of Albert why not just -let DNA decide that?  


Analysis of the inheriting Porphyria and or hemophilia is another way to look the family structure.  


Only one person in Empress (Crown Princess Royal) Vicortia's family was subject to prophyia (and that could have been caused by drug use).

Yet, many have been affected by hemophilia or prophyria in the rest of Queen Victoria's children.

Since hemophylia is passed down from father to daughter and or mother to son.  


Why wouldn't Empress Victoria be affected by those genes IF Albert was her father?  And yet the only one in t;he entire known family was afffected by something that drugs could have caused?


Was the illegitimacy of Albert the reason his first son was not called 'Albert.'  Was it the reason he would take on a damaged (as would have been considered then) Victoria?

Was Leopold the actual Grandfather of Victoria's younger chidren?  Is that why one of her sons was named Leopold?


Why was Queen Victoria so close with Vicky and not the other children?  Was it because she was reminded of her Father Lord John Elphinstone when even looking at Vicky because she resembled Lord Elphinstone?  

Why did Queen Victoria show so much love for India's culture was it because Lord Elphinstone was sent to India and played a big role in ?India?  Why was  Abdul Karim promoted to "Munshi" and close adviser of Queen Victoria? 


Why her deep love of Scottland was it because Lord John Elphinstone her real husband was Scottish?


Who was the actual father of Crown Princess Royal Victoria?  Once again call for a DNA study with impartial Lobs doing the testing.


Lord John Elphinstone

John Elphinstone, 13th Lord Elphinstone and 1st Baron Elphinstone GCB GCH PC (23 June 1807 – 19 July 1860) was a Scottish soldier, politician and colonial administrator. He was twice elected to the Parliament of the United Kingdom as a Scottish Representative peer, serving once from 14 January 1833 to 29 December 1834 and then again from 8 September 1847 to 23 April 1859.  He returned to England in 1845, and in 1847 was appointed by Lord John Russell to be a lord in waiting to the queen (born in 1819), an office which he held until 1852,   His political career also included the governorships of Madras and of Bombay


The only son of John Elphinstone, 12th Lord Elphinstone in the peerage of Scotland, he was born on 23 June 1807. He succeeded his father as Lord Elphinstone in May 1813, and entered the army in 1826 as a cornet in the Royal Horse Guards. He was promoted lieutenant in 1828, and captain in 1832, and was a lord in waiting to William IV from 1835 to 1837. The king made him a Knight Grand Cross of the Royal Guelphic Order in 1836, in which year he was sworn of the privy council.

21 May 1859, on his return to England, he was created a peer of the United Kingdom as Baron Elphinstone of Elphinstone, Stirlingshire. He died (supposedly) unmarried in King Street, St. James's, London, on 19 July 1860, when his peerage of the United Kingdom became extinct (or did it?).


Just what is the Privy Council that Lord Elphinstone was promoted to be a part of? 


A privy council is a body that advises the head of state of a nation, typically, but not always, in the context of a monarchic government. The word "privy" means "private" or "secret"; thus, a privy council was originally a committee of the monarch's closest advisors to give confidential advice on state affairs.


 Belgium: Crown Council of Belgium

  Bhutan: Privy Council of Bhutan 

 Brunei: Privy Council of Brunei 

 Canada: Queen's Privy Council for Canada 

  Cambodia: Supreme Privy Council of His Majesty the King of Cambodia 

 Denmark: Danish Council of State

  Jamaica: Privy Council of Jamaica 

 Norway: Norwegian Council of State 

 Netherlands: Dutch Council of State 

 Thailand: Privy Council of Thailand 

 Tonga: Privy Council of Tonga 

 United Kingdom: Her Majesty’s Most Honourable Privy Council 

⦁ Cabinet Committee of the Privy Council; the ⦁ Cabinet of the United Kingdom 

Judicial Committee of the Privy Council 

Privy Council Office


It appears that the word Confidential is the key to understanding the Privy Council particularly in todays world,  In other words who decides the 'Need to know' basis by which so many Intell agents have been kept in the dark?  And yes, this all goes back to the secrets some of which have been outlined in the above text.




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