From Rosanna: 

Trust me when I say this these people have no jurisdiction or standing over this house and the sheriff was a part of this. If a judge can issue a order w/o a search warrant to search and seizure he can issue an order to kill you and the sheriff will comply.
After this debacle someone changed out the locks and my key will not work. Are they going to steal out the little bit of chattel in there after they have already stolen 3/4 million assets when there were binding legal documents to stop this?
Where were these lawyers who were supposed to be stopping this? Someone should be angered, irritable, aggravating defiant and volatile and rightly so.
From: Rosanna
Sent: Friday, February 09, 2018 7:39 PM
Subject: Fw: property confiscation photos
photos attached - the numbers are in order approaching the house. 1384 -1387 are the ones that show them picking the lock then getting in. In 1385 you have to zoom in but you can see them outside. These are TOTAL strangers (usurpers) and their counterparts left my Dad in that filth they created for 6 years then killed him on drugs. Evil that they are.
http://eldermurderabuseandexploitatio elder-murder-abuse-and- exploitation.html
As we know these creatures have no sense of moral standards, ethics or integrity.
The Trust who owns this property pays insurance, taxes, bills, repairs damages by James and French. French nor James own this property, are not a party to the operations of the TRUST and there was NO warrant to search and seizure this property. Only an order from a judge who has no standing or jurisdiction to do this. 
They changed out all the locks and I have no idea who has the key and mine doesn't work anymore. Nothing in this order told French to change out the locks. THEY DO NOT OWN THIS PROPERTY.....Since the Trust is paying insurance isnt' that a problem? I'm just speechless. are they going to let James come in and keep stealing property? 
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