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Youtube, facebook, etc. etc. have pulled mine so many times 

Sat Feb 24, 2018 20:06


It gets to the point why bother. Even websites paid for have simply been prohibited from completion or if by some miracle actually completed not allowed access. this just shows how much censorship has and is going on.


And speaking of access:


Let's look at the situation of trying to run for office particularly as an Independent.


First, when trying to find out about when and where to register or even find out information can be a challenge. 


Second, if you do find out when the opening of the seeking to be a candidate, then you need to look at the requirements to register.


In Crawford County Arkansas you will find the clerks at the Courthouse very helpful and definitely trying to do their job well. But what they have to work with is:


If you are Republican you can with the approval of the 'REPUBLICAN' party pay $1000.00 and you are in.


Or if you are 'Democrat' with the approval of the Democrat party pay $750 and you are in.



Now - - However, if you are seeking to be INDEPENTENT there is only ONE OPTION!


If you are Independent you have to come up with almost 500 signatures (fully filled out) petition.


These signatures must be of currently fully registered to vote (not registered after signing). 


Who will fill out the 'petition' completely in their handwriting.


Most likely the voters are in a hurry to try to get going to do what they need to do. Good luck at getting the persons to fully fill out the form completely.


If one little part is not filled out or is not in what looks like the voters handwriting the signature is NOT counted.


Oh yes, and all of this MUST be done within not even ONE week!!! ?


Now if that is not enough of a challenge keep going because the challenge really begins when trying to find some location that will 'ALLOW' you to talk to people about possibly signing the 'petition' to run in the election.


Such as a food bank that has been a tremendous help to me, was asked if it would be all right to seek signatures not only was the answer NO!!! But when trying to mostly listen and trying to say something (which was not even allowed to be completed) and asking a couple questions. The person saying NO raised her voice and while agreeing with her on something she shocked me by saying "GET OFF This PROPERTY" My quiet response was "Okay" Then she continued "AND DON'T EVER COME BACK" Unfortunately it took quite a while before locating my ride but eventually did find the vehicle. All of that time she GLARED at me.


Funny thing when getting another NO at that Walmart and being told the no holds for any Walmart store. Then asking the Manager very much the same type of questions as previously, the manager simply replied with straight forward answers. 


So why such a difference response?

Now what is needed to be known is that in this sparse population county there are no indoor malls or large gathering places to get signatures quickly. And it just so happened to be pouring down rain day after day. Pretty much only larger numbers of people going in and out of a location are Walmart and or the food bank.


When someone who is willing to do the elected position in an upright Constitutional manner. And wants to be independent of party affiliation is up against these kind of odds. What good does it do even if the election officials or clerks are trying to do their job RIGHT?


How MANY counties, just like Crawford County are out there?





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