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        Every sentient being on the planet is currently riveted on the issue of "have we come to the point of the likely annihilation of the human race?"  Yes we have. The end of an empire is a messy thing.  However, there are optional possibilities of survival in the new system on non-empire that is rapidly replacing the dying empire. Unfortunately, the oligarchical oppressors of our planet are sore losers, and they may, in a fit, want to take everyone down with them.  Regardless, the empire's existence is on the line in Syria.  By setting up this situation with the fake chemical attack, the empire has not only cornered Donald Trump, but it has also cornered itself.  One of the last remaining sinews of the empire's power rest in the threats and use of the U.S. military. The failure of the U.S. to openly attack Syria now, will further undermine those sinews.  Trump, who is the subject of a brutal unconstitutional Mueller raid on his personal attorney, and who is being squeezed from all sides, is now tweeting contradictory messages of Assad the "animal" and we have "smarter missiles" than the Russians, and that the Democrats have destroyed good relations with Russia and better relations are needed with Russia. Trump is caught between posture and reality.  The end of an empire is a messy thing, and it is ending! 

Program Details
Episode S7E26
Broadcast Week Apr 8th 2018
Duration 00:28:28
Audience Rating TV-G
Genre Documentary
Theme News, Business, and Government
Language English

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