I, Deborah Wiseman,  am a retired Deputy Sheriff as a Fugitive Officer with Dallas County Dallas
I was an outside female officer to work with US Marshals for 3 yrs
I was a behavourist with SE office of the FBI for 3 cases that those who were
the criminals went to life in Federal Prison when cases were completed
I help people who call me to get them to know their laws about and in their 
state to stop "criminal assaults by radiation without permission" the Utilities and
TDU's are doing to all human beings across this nation now.

I am a survivor with TBI aka Traumatic Brain Injury from a near fatal accident
on April 30th, 2007 from being hit by what I found out was a MS-13 member
driving his illegal uncle's car without legal license and state driver's license,
that he hit me at 60 mph to kill me by removing my car from being in front
of him. I should be dead but God had other plans for me to do. So here I am
and doing all I can to bring education to the people who do not know. I do it on 
my Facebook and I do it on programs live in conferences and other radio type
media to get my messages out to all who wish to know the truth.

1. I found out my TDU Texas New Mexico Utility owns the meters here in my city
of Lewisville, TX and my analog meter was stolen in spring of 2017 and had a 
hard-hat come out from TNMP to look at the box and make sure there was no
damage done to the electrical lines to my breaker box inside my garage. He got
in touch with the lady to bring me a new meter. She came with a box and I was
nervous because my TBI doctors at UT Southwestern Hospital I see once a year
have in my patient record I am severally sensitive to Wi-Fi, RF, and EMF and make
it possible to see me in a "safe room" inside the hospital. I was very nervous the lady 
bringing the new meter was going to bring in an AMI digital meter to install onto my
home when she walked up to me and told me this: "Deborah don't worry for we have
on your account with us at TNMP that you are severally sensitive to Wi-Fi, RF and 
EMF and you house will never have a digital meter installed ever only an analog
meter." It wasn't until several months later that sitting and thinking about what she
said to me that I realized they now have put into my account that they DO know 
they have known about the LIABILITY of this radiation they push and pulse toward
every other home in a neighborhood. I screamed UREAKA! I've got em now.
So I have been told that Dafna Tackover who is a lawyer is going to get in touch
with me to get a Federal Lawsuit against all Utilities and TDU's about these
"radiation monsters' they have used "implied consent" to force install on everyone to
get them removed across this nation. 
2. I am also part of getting an ICLEI member 
city here in north Texas for being a "political mafia" using codes to launder over 
$73 million and money launder $92 million from the unsuspecting voting public of 
their city and other criminal acts on 11 Federal Indictments on the 10th of May by
a sitting Federal Grand Jury in less than 4 hours and have US Marshals arrest 
the Mayor and her now husband for those crimes which includes RICO. Now the 
investigation is going after the whole City Council. 
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