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People on Social Security 1960 were 15 million with medicare costs 100 per person

Today the number is 15 Milion with medicare costs 15,000 per person.

Health is 20% of Gross Domestic Product

over 60 you are 80% more to go bankrupt due to medical bills and peope are getting sicker and sicker

When homeless being caused then keep in mind only 1 out of 4 get low income housing.

With shorter life span?

People with cancer 5% survival in 10 years

2018 survival rate same inspite 98% increase in cost.

Refer back to the 8 14 18 Show for connections of Mueller, Comey, Lois Lerner, Rod Rosenstein and Barsoomian.

Robert Mueller’s Star Witness

George Nader has been convicted of raping 2 minors in the US and 10 in Czech Republic and was working for President Obama in the White House even after the election.

12 Rapes.

Working for President Obama in his staff

Bill Ayers

Admitted Cop Murderer of Sgt Ryan of the San Francisco Police Force with a Pipe Bomb

Still Free

The world has had enough

Please Pray for President Trump’s Safety and that he gets the assistance he needs to begin arresting over 40,000 US citizens for Treason with no further delays.

US Demands Urgent Meeting After Historic Russian Agreement Spells Final Doom For American Empire

It has been confirmed - the Social Security Administration officially dissolves 1 October 2022.

As you recall - we went to the Air Fore Base here in Tacoma to try and fix my US Army Retirement. While we were there we picked up a brochure announcing this to all Airmen - Social Security Admin dissolves in 49 months.

For that reason we were all issued ID Cards that had a New Number on them and they will soon be replaced.

1) In the Federal Register 11/22/2010 it clearly states that a special Demonstration Project end at the end of September 2022.

The Motley Crew announced major changes in Social Security and that their budget will increase through 2021 nd then plummet.

Today there are 15 Million Retired folks on Social Security but a total of 71 Million living in the US and 40 Million living overseas - as "Refugees"

Social Security was set up to pay retired folks, not refugees college students, and send money overseas to Refugees still living in their own countries at the rate of $4,500/month.

These numbers come from the Social Security Documents themselves. They are lengthy and hard to read - almost as if a 6th grader wrote them - but the numbers are there for the world to see.

The best one to look over is the Social Security Administration Fiscal Years 2018-2022, the:

4) In Politics: The White House - President Trump - and Equifax agree that Social Security Numbers should go.

So since no one at Equifax was arrested for causing a Huge Data Leak it can be clearly surmised that tis was well planned to shut the US Financial System Down by using this Data Breach to destroy our Banking System and these in charge are in complete compliance.

One last time - store your wealth in Gold and Silveryour paper assets may just vanish - not kidding.

This is why we work with Noble Gold.

5) Not only are US Military ID cards now lacking Social Security Numbers but so are the new Medicare Cards.

6) The New VA Cards are now issued with 2 numbers: The Member ID and the Plan ID Number.

Two things will happen next:

1) There will be enough Political and Financial Upheaval in every nation so that we will all demand a New Financial System - including a New Social Security Department as more and more people are put on Social Security and the Older People are pressed so hard most of them die as retirement ages are pushed back to 70.

2) A New Biometrics Card will be issued.

This card will be tied to your DNA, your Iris Pattern, your finger prints and your Facial Pattern.

Everything you do will be done on this card - from getting a paycheck to buying tooth paste to paying your mortgage.

You will live within your means. When your allocated income is out - your card will not work.

Whether or not we get some sort of Computer Chip inmedded in us or are just marked with a UPC Code like Cattle is irrelevant.

This is all leading to a Cashless Society.

Things are planned to get so bad that you will run to get your New Biometrics Card.

Further - by the year 2022 ALL computers will run on the same Platform - a New Microsoft Windows 13 or some fancy name for this using 6G - 10 GHTZ - to fry our plant life and our brains.

When you make a purchase from an online seller like E-Bay or Amazon your computer camera will read your facial pattern and your card and automatically charge you.

1) All Active Duty Military Personnel now carry a Biometrics Card and can use them to buy supplies at certain locations.

2) The Maldives Islands - just South of India - where Computers are rare everyone is now being issued these New Biometrics Cards (Bio Cards) as a test. If you catch a fish and sell it it is done on this card.

2) In Nigeria, a nation with almost 100 Million People - the card is being issued in mass.

3) Russia now has a plan to replace All Transactions with their New National Card Payment System - NCPD.

4) By the year 2022 over 80% of all Pension Programs will be broke and pensions will be cut so badly that if you rare relying on the pension only you will go homeless.

So you will run to get your New Bio ID Card in order to receive your Universal Income now being tested world wide.

It does not matter how hard you have worked or how much you have in stocks and bonds - you will simply receive a Basic Universal Income.

How much this is, and how much you can buy with this New Universal Income, is anyone’s Guess.

So if we do manage to survive the UN Agenda 2021 and we still have a world left we will all run to get these New Universal ID Cards or become completely homeless.

And then it comes

System Failre

1) No arrests were made so Q-Annon disappeared off of 8-Chan. They will rise again with either an excuse or as someone else

2) Saudi Arabia broke off all ties with Canada not because their Ambassador was an Arrogant Jerk - all Ambassadors are Arrogant Jerks - but because they found out their Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was born a Girl - a Female - and they really, really upset.

3) In more political Theater - the Russians are pulling their Embassy out of America as it is clear that President Trump does not intend to arrest those now committing Treason here in America and because of this lack of action on his eart President Trump may have lost control of parts of the US military.

So now Turkey and China are stepping in to Syria and Libya, and perhaps into the American Incirlik Airbase in Turkey to "Deal With’ these Arrogant CIA Agents now trying to forment war globally.

I am afraid to say this - but without the assistance of the Russian SVR - KGB - several key Trump Players may simply go away permanently very soon

Federal Register :: Social Security Disability Program Demonstration Project: Benefit Offset National Demonstration (BOND)

A Major Social Security Change Is Coming in 2022

Medicare Cards without Social Security Numbers Coming in 2018 | Office of the Inspector General, SSA

Nigeria launches national electronic ID cards - BBC News

Maldives' New Biometric ID Combines Passport, Driver License, Payment Card, and More - FindBiometrics

Lawmaker Proposes Implanting Miips in People to Track Non-Violent Offenders Like "Pets"

Russia To Break All Ties With United States As Libya And Yemen Cry To Putin For Help—And Turkish Forces Plan Invasion Of US Base To Arrest Top American Generals

Bizarre tales, confusing ballots from Georgia’s primary contained in federal lawsuit


This information thanks to Dr. William Mourt and his viewer
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