The Full Moon in Pisces on Sunday may reveal a truth that has been "hiding in plain sight." When secret activities behind the scenes are exposed and justice is done, there may be some financial compensation for those who have been cheated or wronged. Although the water signs are strong under the Pisces Full Moon - there is amazing strength in the practical, realistic, hard working earth signs, so your job, career, investment interests, and your public reputation could be far more solid than you realize. Experience, accomplishments and careful attention to detail, a reliable performance record, and evidence of your responsibility over time can really add up now. This is a time when phonies and pretenders will be exposed for their shallow values and empty promises. Real, sincere efforts come first now.....and NOTHING ELSE MATTERS!
Program Details
Episode S7E34
Broadcast Week Aug 12th 2018
Duration 00:27:20
Audience Rating TV-G
Genre Forecast
Theme Well-being & Lifestyle
Language English

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