The Full Moon in Taurus indicates that the stubborn pressure and tension among some groups will continue to escalate since there are now seven (7) planets in a harsh T-cross among the fixed signs - so you may have to weigh which is most important to you: Money or Justice? There can be a gigantic "difference of opinion" about financial matters - while at the same time, an unexpected, malicious UPSET could challenge your sense of loyalty, fair play, and justice. Those who have worked hard and continue to make steady efforts will do well since they know how to weather a storm, and survive the ups and downs of life - so in that sense, money wins. But five (5) strong planets are trining each other in the water signs, and four of them are in Scorpio, the sign of justice. There can be strong feelings about the need for justice to prevail in order to restore trust and assure safety for our homes, families, and country - so in that sense, justice wins. The truth will be revealed when people have had enough of lies, deceit, and double standard
Program Details
Episode S7E37
Broadcast Week Oct 14th 2018
Duration 00:29:59
Audience Rating TV-G
Genre Forecast
Theme Well-being & Lifestyle
Language English

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