The New Moon in Scorpio indicates that someone's, or an organization's, future is being jeopardized by a matter involving justice since the Sun, New Moon, and Jupiter in Scorpio are being harshly squared by Mars in Aquarius - so gamblers, speculators, liars, thieves, and con artists "can't have it both ways" and impostors will learn this painful lesson as they suffer financially, socially, and emotionally - particularly if a threatened prison sentence is involved along with a hefty financial fine or penalty. Other difficult changes may occur such as a change of fortune due to gambling losses, higher taxes, increased debt, or a funding shortfall. A recent new beginning could be canceled due to a legal conflict. A "good betrayal" can be underway that would help to restore staunch values, and renew trust in our institutions. THE GAME IS UP!
Program Details
Topics Betrayal, Trust
Episode S7E39
Broadcast Week Nov 4th 2018
Duration 00:29:35
Audience Rating TV-G
Genre Forecast
Theme Well-being & Lifestyle
Language English

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