During the Full Moon in Gemini someone, or an organization, may deeply regret a costly slip up they have made in their plans because there will be NO ESCAPE from the consequences of their actions. With six (6) planets in a harsh T-cross among mutable signs - they are not remorseful for their actions since they were part of a hidden plan or plot - but their "slip up" means they will only regret being caught. Breaking the law may not bother them, but paying for it will be painful. Despite a ploy to create mixed messages which will only confuse or distract others - the emphasis now is on Law and Order, so any stealthy subterfuges behind the scenes will not work. Why not? Because someone has locked the back door, or sealed the escape hatch....so now there will be NO ESCAPE. They will be caught in their own trap - one they made for someone else. Isn't that called "poetic justice?" And a prison sentence may be an added "bonus."
Program Details
Episode S7E42
Broadcast Week Nov 11th 2018
Duration 00:27:25
Audience Rating TV-G
Genre Forecast
Theme Well-being & Lifestyle
Language English
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